Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kelloggs Target Deal and High Value Lighting Coupons

Money Saving Mom shared a few great deals today!

Beginning November 1, 2009, Target is running a special deal: Buy 3 boxes of Kellogg's Cereal, Get 1 Free. There are brand-new coupons out which will make for four free boxes of cereal after the coupons and sale. Here's the break-down:

Buy 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal at $2.66 each
Use $1/1 coupons here or here (there's also a $1.50/2 coupon here)
Use 4 $1/1 Target coupons here
Get one box free
Free after coupons and sale

There are also new Target GE lighting coupons here which can be stacked with the $1/2 coupons here or from the 10/4 SmartSource insert. Let us know if you find any great deals on lighting products with these coupons. (Thanks,!)

The Big Sleep- Happy Halloween

Wow- Walmart is certainly trying to corner many markets at the moment.  CLICK HERE to check out their new line of caskets (yes you read that right!). For $1199.00 delivered to your door you may want to order multiples?? Or Not!  If you are planning for your final Rollback you may want to check them out.  If you are into throwing massive Halloween parties this might be a great investment.  I wonder if they do free site to store delivery.  Can you imagine picking this one up? 

Smoking Hot Kellogg's Coupons

Kellogg's just released a new batch of fantastic cereal coupons.  Paired with a sale, these high value coupons will score many Free or Dirt Cheap boxes of cereal.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Rite Aid 11/1-11/8/09

This Week looks like another FANTASTIC Rite Aid week!

New to Rite Aid Single Check Rebates (SCR)?  Get ready for a week of FREE shopping and stock up!

There are many great Rite Aid Coupons right now!
  • $5/20 Adperks Coupons
  • $5/25  CLICK HERE
  • Many options $3/$15 with zip 90210, $4/$20 with zip 12901

Here are my favorites this week:

Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitor $9.99 – $9.99 SCR = FREE!

(also counts towards #500 diabetic tote)

Contour or Breeze 2 Meters $29.99 – $30 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/25/09 RP inserts) = FREE!
(counts towards #500 diabetic tote)

Cross Action Power Toothbrush, Single Pack $5 – $3 manufacturer coupon (from the 11/1/09 P&G inserts) – $2 SCR = FREE!

FebrezeAir Effects Air Freshener $2.49 – $1 SCR – $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 11/1/09 P&G inserts) = 49¢

Crest Toothpaste/Oral-B $2.50 – $1 SCR – $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 11/1/09 P&G inserts) = 50¢
• Crest Whitening Plus Scope Outlast, 4 oz.
• Pro-Health, 4.2 oz.
• Plus Scope, 4.6 or 6.2 oz.
• Extra Whitening Tartar Control Mint, 6.2 oz.
• Whitening Expressions, 6 oz.
• Multicare, 6.2 oz.
• Neat Squeeze, 5.8 oz.
• Oral-B Manual Indicator, Advantage, Stages or Artica Toothbrush

Kellogg’s Cereal $2.49 – 50¢ in-ad coupon – $1 blinkie coupon = 99¢

Always Pads $2.99 – $2 SCR = 99¢
Note: Only the 20ct and 22ct on sale count towards the SCR #105

Spinbrush Toothbrush, Single Pack $5.99 – $2 printable – $2 SCR = $1.99
Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Powered Toothbrush $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/18/09 SS)

Dove Body Wash $4.99
Dove Beauty Bar (6 bar pk+) or Body Wash (10oz+) $1 or $1.25 manufacturer coupon (from the10/4/09 RP inserts)
Dove Body Wash Offer #550

Prilosec (42ct) $24.99 – $3 manufacturer coupon (from the 11/1/09 P&G inserts) – $6 SCR = $15.99

Crest Whitestrips $32.99 – $5 SCR – $5 manufacturer coupon (from the 11/1/09 P&G inserts) = $22.99
• Daily Whitening Multicare, 42 ct.
• Daily Whitening Tartar Protection, 38 ct.
• Pro Effects, 40 ct.

Offer #700 is $30 Back on $100 purchase of L’Oreal, credits before coupons. I did this last month and got the check in less than two weeks! Here are some ideas if you have not done this offer yet. The L’Oreal make-up items were the shelf tag price at my store on Thursday, 10/15/09. Your prices may vary. The RA registers will accept a manufacturer coupon on a free item. The RA registers will accept a RA coupon on a free item.

L’Oreal Advanced Revialift Skin Care B1G1
(valid on SCR #700 Purchase $100 worth of L’Oreal, Receive $30 SCR, valid dates are 8/30 – 12/8/09)

L’ Oreal Foundation, Powder, Concealer or Blush B1G1
(valid on SCR #700 Purchase $100 worth of L’Oreal, Receive $30 SCR, valid dates are 8/30 – 12/8/09)

• Age Perfect Foundation $16.99
• Bare Natural Foundation $15.25
• Ideal Balance Foundation $11.95
• True Match Concealer $8.95
• True Match Powder $10.95
• True Match Foundation $12.95
• Visible Lift Foundation $14.49
(valid on SCR #700 Purchase $100 worth of L’Oreal, Receive $30 SCR, valid dates are 8/30 – 12/8/09)
$1 adperk coupon : true match

L’Oreal True Match or L’Oreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer $2 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/18/09 inserts)


This first set of deals will use the $5/$20 coupon from adperks

Deal #1
(1) Contour or Breeze 2 Meters $29.99
(1) Dove Body Wash $4.99
(1) FebrezeAir Effects Air Freshener $2.49
= $37.47- $5/$20 adperk coupon
= $32.24-$31.24 manufacturer coupons
= $1 OOP- $1 SCR
= Free + carry over for diabetic bag + Dove $5 RA gift card

Deal #2
(3) Dove $4.99
(1) Always Pads $2.99
(1) Crest Toothpaste/Oral-B $2.50
= $20.46- $5/$20 adperk coupon
= $15.46- $4.75 manufacturer coupons
= $10.71 OOP- $3 SCR
= $7.71 + receive $5 RA gift card (dove offer #550)

Deal #3
(1) Spinbrush Toothbrush, Single Pack $5.99
(1) Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitor $9.99
(1) Cross Action Power Toothbrush, Single Pack $5
= $20.98- $5/$20 adperk coupon
= $15.98- $4 manufacturer coupons
= $11.98 OOP- $12.99 SCR
= $1.01 profit + get diabetic tote

OOP cost: $6.70
Merchandise Total: $78.91
Misc: $5 Rite Aid Gift Card + Diabetic Tote Bag

Other Ideas:
.(1) Prilosec (42ct) $24.99
- $5/$20 adperks coupon
= $19.99- $3 manufacturer coupon
= $16.99- $6 SCR
= $10.99

(1) Crest Whitestrips $32.99
- $5/$20 adperks coupon
= $27.99- $5 manufacturer coupon
= $22.99- $5 SCR
= $17.99


Didn’t watch enough videos to get the $5/$20 adperk coupon?
These deals use the easy-peasy $5/$25 printable

Deal #1
(1) Contour or Breeze 2 Meters $29.99
(1) Always Pads (must be 20 or 22 ct) $2.99
(1) Kellogg’s Cereal $2.49
= $35.47- $5/$25 RA couon
= $30.47- $29.99 manufacturer coupon
= 48¢- $2 SCR
= $1.51 profit + carry over for diabetic tote

Deal #2
(1) Cross Action Power Toothbrush, Single Pack $5
(1) Crest Toothpaste/Oral-B $2.50
(1) FebrezeAir Effects Air Freshener $2.49
(1) Spinbrush Toothbrush, Single Pack $5.99
(1) Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitor $9.99
= $25.97- $5/$25 RA coupon
= $20.97- $7 manufacturer coupons
= $13.97- $15.99 SCR
= $2.02 profit + qualify for diabetic tote

Profit: $3.53
Merchandise total: $61.44
Misc: Diabetic tote

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cheap Nuts

The $1.60 coupon reset!  These are yummo and super cheap (usually less than 50c OOP with coupons.
These would be a great addition to a holiday basket!
CLICK HERE (Print 2 While They Are Active!)

Free Christmas Cards

Looking for a FREE set of 12 Custom Holiday Cards (You pay only S&H)?  CLICK HERE to check out the new line of 2009 Holiday Card Designs.  Use coupon code:  YOURCHOICE to score your set of custom stationery cards or greeting cards.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ice Age 3

Price Chopper has a few fantastic DVD coupons on the printable coupons link CLICK HERE.  Walmart has Ice Age 3 on sale for less than $15, after coupon you will spend less than $13 OOP!  Another great gift idea for the movie buff!

Target Free Connect 4

Target has the Travel Sized Connect 4 priced at $4.99.  The $5 Hasbro printable scans without an issue.  Make sure that you have a copy of the coupon policy if you are going in and only buying this single item, or go in the evening when the coupon scrooges are off the clock.

Cheapskate Christmas- Take Two

Did you notice this countdown on the Price Chopper Web Site?

  • Price Chopper has changed their policies regarding qualifying purchase calculations- FOR THE BETTER.
  • Starting 11/1, this Sunday- Gift Cards purchased at Price Chopper will count towards your Advantage Totals for the Gas Savings, Free Turkey/Free Ham Promos, and all other Spend $ Earn An Advantage Programs.
  • This excludes purchase of Price Chopper gift cards, but includes all other retail giftcards or prepaid credit cards.
  • If you watch the Spinning Tower of Cards you will notice that some cost less than their face value (ie; Pay $24 for a $25 Lowes Card).  You can save a bit off of the cost and save on time and gas $$ by not having to make trips to many stores.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Glade Candle Contest

CLICK HERE to enter the new SC Johnson Glade Holiday Candle Giveaways.  They are offering BOGO coupons for the new holiday scented 2oz candles and everyday they are awarding free candle coupons and $100 AMEX Gift Cards.  The pay off maybe great for 30 seconds of playing Tic-Tac-Toe

Get a $40 Credit for an $80 Purchase @ Amazon!!

***This is for anyone who is shopping for VIDEO GAMES***

Right now is offering a $40 credit (These work like clockwork and are not a problem to get back) when you purchase $80 worth of video games from their list of selected games. 

CLICK HERE to view the list of games that qualify for this promotion.  There is a VERY limited window to qualify (Now- 10/31/09).  To qualify you need to purchase 2 games from the list with a total of $80 in merchandise.  The credit must be used by 12/31/09 (perfect for Christmas).

Now would be a great time to get a group of 5 "relatives" together to join Amazon Prime (A Year worth of FREE 2nd Day Express Shipping- for 5 households).  It is worth every cent of the $79.99 membership fee.  There are NO Min. $$ amounts and at $20 each per household the cost makes the Amazon outlet prices much more attractive! 

Tinkerbell Coupons

CLICK HERE to print a $10 off Blu-Ray/DVD Combo. of the new Tinker Bell Disney Release.  This is on sale at Walmart for $23.32.  I think that $13.32 is a great deal for a fun stocking stuffer. 

Do you want an even better deal? (Can there be a better deal? Yes- a MUCH better deal.)

You can earn an additional $5 Mail in Rebate by purchasing:
1 Tinker Bell Leapfrog Game or Book (CLICK HERE )
Check out the Toy Post from earlier in the week to print Leapfrog coupons.  This could be a fantastic deal for the Princess/Disney Fairy Fan in your life!

Use Your Kodak Credit

If you were in the pool of 100,000 to score a $15 credit last week, be sure to order by midnight on Wednesday.  The process is simple and the code appears in your email like magic- in about 5 mins.  Can you get much for $15- way more than Snapfish or Shutterfly!  The shipping costs are low, the return time is very speedy, and their Professional Quality prints are REMARKABLE!! 

Kodak will be giving away another 100,000- $15 Credits starting 8am Eastern Thursday 10/29/09.  You do not have to be an existing customer before you sign up!  Enjoy!

Old Navy

Does Anyone Remember Mr. Dressup & His Tickle Trunk?  I think a Trunk Full of Dress Up Costumes would be a great Holiday Gift- and for $2 a costume- A GREAT DEAL!

This is Worth a Trip to the Mall all by itself, but combined with the great Victoria's Secret Deals and Target Deals I feel a Mom's Day out coming on!

Target: Glade Candle Moneymaker- in time for CHRISTMAS!

Now at this point you may have enough Glade candles to light every corner of a 5000 sq. ft. home for 12 days of power outage, but if you are still stashing them away for gifts-HERE IS AN EXCELLENT DEAL!

Target Is Running a Buy 5, Get a $5 Target Gift Card Promo.  The Deal is Set to Run until 12/26!

Money-maker scenario:

Buy (5) Holiday Scented Glade Candle Tins at $2.50 each
Buy (5) Holiday Scented Glade Refills
Use (5) $1.50 off a Scented Candle Tin (found inside the tins themselves)- You Need To Open Them To Smell Them!
Use (5) Buy a Holder get a FREE Refill printable
Pay $5 and receive (2) $5 gift cards for buying 10 Holiday Scented Glade items = $5 money maker!

You can then submit this for a $5 Rebate from SC Johnson to turn it into a $10 money making deal- and you will still have 5 sets of Candle Holders and Refill Packs to pair together for Great Holiday Gifts!!  SHHH...There is no need for anyone to know that you made $10 on the deal..or $20...or $30:)

Victoria's Secret Free Lip Gloss

CLICK HERE to print a coupon for a FREE lip gloss (well almost free) when you go in for a Bra Fitting.  Not a bad deal if you shop there anyway!

Cheap Custom Holiday Address Labels

Vista Print has many new FREE SAMPLES right now!  You can make super cute return address labels and pay only shipping costs ($1.75-$4) for 140 labels.CLICK HERE to check out their latest offers!  (Thank You Money Saving Mom for the link!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Greetings New Coupon Clippers:)

Many Thanks to the St. John's Group for inviting me to your meeting.  It was great to meet all of you!  Here are a few links that we talked about tonight:

I know there was a lot to digest!  Please send me an email via "contact me" if you have ?s or would like to plan a shipping adventure!!

Price Chopper- A Post and List to Come

The Price Chopper ads looks spectacular, but before I posted I wanted to do a "test run" to see if PC was running some "national catalina coupons" deals- THEY ARE!!  The only thing better than saving 76% is getting $9.00 in register rewards for my next trip in.  Today I was able to score $298 in groceries for $73!!  The Price Chopper post will be posted a bit later tonight with all of the details! 

In the Meantime:

Check out and there are TONS of new coupons this afternoon!

There is also one other printable to Price Chopper worth talking about.  They are running a 59c/lb Turkey Deal- and they have $1 off Turkey coupons online (that doubled today).  They are selling a wide vairety of turkeys at this price, but over 50% of the turkeys matched the coupon brand turkeys. 

Rite Aid- Fantastic New Coupon

Thank you Money Saving Mom for sharing this new coupon!! CLICK HERE to print!! As of 2:52pm today there are 2 coupons in 12901 $3/$15 and $4/$20.  You may need to switch zip codes around as the the afternoon slips away! 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Target- Worth The Headaches!

If you are on the Target mailing list, then this will likely arrive on your doorstep this week. The  Plattsburgh Target has a pile of them behind the Customer Service desk, but they are apparently being stingy.  Here is a rundown on the coupons in the book with links to additional on-line coupons (you can use 1 Target coupon and 1 Manufacturer coupon per item).  The Target coupons all expire on 11/25.
$20 off Tonka Scoot ‘N Scoop

$5 off Wow Wee Alive Minis Interactive Cub

50% off Tub Full of Games (Disney or Nick)

50% off Kids’ Game What’s in Ned’s Head or Gassy Gus

$20 off Fisher-Price Little People Discovery Airport

$10 off LeapFrog Alphabet Pal

$5 off Nerf N-Strike Vulcan Blaster

$10 off Hasbro Toy Montey Rex or Bounce Back Racer

$10 off Fisher-Price Handy Manny Workshop

$5 off Thomas & Friends (Various)

$10 Circo Train Table

FREE 3 3.75 GI Joe Action Figures When You Buy: GI Joe PIT Mobile Headquarters

$5 off Ben 10 Alien Force Creation Challenge

$5 off CrashFX Flying Airplane

$20 off D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

$10 off Air Hogs Radio-Control Switch Blade

$1 off Energizer Batteries or Flashlight use with:
$1.00/1 (IE) – Energizer Product

$10 off Fisher-Price Trio King’s Castle use with
$5.00/1 TRIO coupons

$5 off Lego Toy (Various)

$10 off Disney Musical Keyboard Vanity

$5 off Easy-Bake Oven

$10 off Caring Corners Happy Home

$10 off FurReal Lulu My Cuddlin’ Kitty

$5 Barbie (Various)

$3 off Creativity for Kids Jewelry Boutique

FREE Our Generation Delux Doll Outfit When You Buy: Our Generation Delux Doll

$8 off Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll

$25 off Playwonder Dollhouse

$20 off Step2 Lifestyle New Traditions Kitchen

$10 off Magic Reveal Chef’s Oven

$5 off LeapFrog My Puppy Pal Scout or Violet

$10 off Fisher-Price Play My Way Play Center

$20 off Playwonder Kitchen Center

$5 off VTech Bugsby Reading System

$5 off Super Why Touch & Learn Super Duper Computer

$10 LeapFrog Zippity Learning System

$10 LeapFrog Tag Reading System use with
$10.00/1 – Tag Reading System

FREE Monopoly Deal or Scrabble Slam Card Game When You Buy: Monopoly City or Scrabble Delux Diamond Edition use with
$4.00/1 Monopoly City

20% off Eric Carle Game

$5 off Hasbro Games:
  • Scatterpillar Scramble use with
$4.00/1 (IE) Scatterpillar Scramble

  • Connect 4 SpongeBob use with
$5.00/1 Connect 4 Game

  • Operation SpongeBob
  • Clue Secret & Spies use with
 $5.00/1 Clue Game

  • Guess Who? Extra

  • Pictureka Flipper use with
$5.00/1 Pictureka Flipper Game

  • Giraffalaff Limbo use with
$4.00/1 (IE)Giraffalaff Limbo

  • Sorry SpongeBob

  • Guesstures use with
$5.00/1Guesstures Game

  • $10 off w/purchase of 2 Wii/DS Games
  • $10 off w/purchase of 2 Xbox 360 Games
  • $10 off w/purchase of 2 PS3/PSP Games
  • $10 off Bike (Various)
  • $10 off EA Sports (Various)
  • $10 Game Table (Various)
  • 20% off Scooter or Pocket Rocket
  • $5 Nerf Raider

Hasbro Printables

These will go Super Fast!!  CLICK HERE to print $5 off Hasbro coupons for a variety of great family games.  Walmart has a bunch of these great games on Rollback.  After coupon you can score most of them for under $10.



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