Sunday, January 22, 2012

VitaCost- Friends Referral

VitaCost is offering free $10 credits for people who signup.  I will share my personal referral link in case you want to use me as your referral link- we will both earn $10 in store credit.  Shipping & Handling charges are reasonable and there are lots of great products to choose from.  I opted for 5 bags of organic lolly pops.  These will come in handy with the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday!  What grabs your attention?

Purex- A Review and Savings

Purex Logo

I am a huge Purex fan for MANY reasons.   My favorite Purex highlight is the fact that you can use all of their product in ANY style washing machine with optimal performance.  From Old to New and Regular to Green they have it all covered.  I recently sampled a bottle of their new Triple Action Purex detergent.  It is available in scent and dye free/fragrance free. 

My Job: To clean three WHITE stuffed snowmen that were delicate.  These poor buddies had a bit of a run in with Emma, Cheese Pizza and hot chocolate.  Their "cuddle date" turned into peril.  I really thought they were goners, but a spin in the delicate cycle with this new Purex product restored them to their winter white glory. 

I was thrilled to receive a free full sized sample of Purex.  This particular product will be in my arsenal for tough stains.  Purex offers a great ap for Android and Iphone (apple OAS) HERE.  They also offer promotions and samples from that same page.  Purex has generously offered to send me 3 coupons to raffle off to readers.  Would yo like to try the new Purex Triple Action? If yes fill out the form below and I will select three Winners Wednesday 1/25/12!  Good Luck!
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