Saturday, September 19, 2009

Price Chopper 9/20-9/26/09

Here are my favorite deals of next week!  I will link to some printable coupons this evening.  I will have more details on the Cancer Specials- My email does not match the online ad, so I want to see an ad in print to double check the exact deals there.

Front Page Deals

  • 2/$5- 1lb Strawberries
  • 2.99 Coke 12 pks
  • 1.99/lb Pork Chops- Boneless Center Cut
  • Hellman's Mayo $2.49
  • Friendly's Ice Cream 2/$5
  • Assorted Chocolate Candy $2/bag
Good Chops Of The Week
  • Campbells Select Harvest Soup 2/$3
  • PC Mac & Cheese 2/$1
  • PC Flour $1.79
  • PC Brown and Confectioner's Sugar $1.79
  • Betty Crocker Brownies 4/$5
  • Bertolli Pasta Sauce 2/$5
  • Pepsi 2 Ltr 3/$4- buy 3 get one Sierra Mist FREE (with in ad coupon)
  • Buy 2/$5 Wise Chips Get 1 2ltr PC Soda FREE (with in ad coupon)
  • Redi Whip 2/$5
  • Campbell's Gravy
  • Arm&Hammer Laundry Soap ($5.99)
  • Hefty Storage Bags
  • Arm & Hammer Fabric Softener ($3.99)
  • PC Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • John Morrell Ham Steak
  • Steak Umm
  • Jones All Natural Sausage
  • First Prize Keilbasa
  • Mama Lucia Meatballs
10 for $10
  • Bumblebee Tuna
  • Prince Pasta
  • Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce
  • Bird's Eye Frozen Veg.
Breast Cancer Wrap ( I don’t know exactly what they are donating, but something from the sales of featured products) Use In Ad coupons and ISave coupons to get even better prices on these great deals:

$1 PC Bread
$2 Gal. PC Milk
$2 PC OJ
99c PC Cream Cheese
$2 PC Half & Half
(more to come here...)

Rite Aid Huggies Transactions 9/20-9/26/09

First- make sure to watch the Ad Perks vidoes and print out a bunch of coupons- you will only be able to print once so make sure you print enough. 

Transaction  #1

(2) Huggies $22 - $5/$20 RA coupon= $17.00 Total
$17- (2) $2 adperks coupons=$13
$13- (2) $3 printables has huggies coupons if you do not (you may need to use zip 90210)

Transaction #2
(1)Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers $11

(1) Proantinox $6.99

(2) Huggies Baby Wipes and Accessories $5/2

= $22.99 Total-- $5/$20 RA adperks coupon= $17.99 Grand Total

$17.99- $5 ad perks coupons (huggies + Proantinox)=$12.99

$12.99- $4 manufacturer coupons for huggies diapers or wipes (this is an avg.  There are many $1-3 coupons out there)= $8.99 Out of Pocket

So, get (3) packs of huggies, (2) huggies wipes, (1) Proantinox = $44.99 worth of merchandise and make $2!!!

You will spend just $15.99 oop for both transactions.  You will get back $18.00 in single check rebates
($10 from 3 packs of Huggies, $1 from 2 Huggies Wipes, $6.99 for the Proantinox).  What will I do with proantinox?  Give it away!  It's a $3 money maker!!!  Have fun with your weekly Rite Aid trip!!

Rite Aid- WE Adore You!

When I saw this in my inbox today I was thrilled!!! A copy of the "Official" Rite Aid Policy (CLICK HERE) to print your copy.

Here is a little summary:

Rite Aid accepts four types of coupon:

1. Those generated by the manufacturer and found in newspapers and magazines
2. Manufacturer’s coupons found in Rite Aid circulars
3. Rite Aid store coupons, also known as “valuable coupons,” that are also found in Rite Aid circulars
4. Internet or print at home coupons

Limits on usage:
Standard Coupons (Non-Internet) — Only one manufacturer’s coupon is accepted for each product, unless coupled with a manufacturer’s or valuable coupon found in a Rite Aid circular.

Rite Aid reserves the right to deny redemption for coupons that exhibit signs of misrepresentation, including, but not limited to: “gang cut” (coupons presented in bulk that appear to have been cut by machine — a form of coupon fraud), similar cuts and tears, or sequential number patterns. Coupons may not be reproduced, photocopied, trimmed, or altered in any way by the customer or Rite Aid associate.

Internet Coupons — The following limitations apply:
  • Only one Internet coupon is accepted for each item unless coupled with a manufacturer’s or valuable coupon found in a Rite Aid circular
  • $5 limit on each Front End Internet coupon
  • $25 limit on Pharmacy Internet coupons (Rite Aid Prescription transfer offers, Competitor prescription transfer offers, etc..)
  • Internet coupons must have a valid barcode that scans successfully into the register
  • Manual entry it not permitted for Internet coupons that do not scan
So basically, yes, you can use Internet printable coupons, no limit, as long as they scan!

***BIGGEST AND BEST TIDBIT***  We CAN use 1 internet "Manufacturer Coupon and One Rite Aid (from weekly ads, Rite Aid Video Rewards) Manufactuer coupon per item!! This is huge.  Stack up the Huggies Coupons Tomorrow is going to be a great day!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Printable Coupons

There are three great Dole, Pepsi, and Sobe coupons CLICK HERE- they are sure to go fast!!


Many thanks to my 3 new followers.  If Ru-Sure is out there please email me your name and address- your prize will be on it's way.  If you are in the Plattsburgh NY area I could also meet you locally with the bag of goodies!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Oh I know- I hate Walmart too!  Mostly, I love the deals, but hate the traffic mess and the mobs of people.  But if you venture there between the hours of 7-10am wonderful things can happen.  Check out Deal Seeking Mom's CLICK HERE 9/17 post- complete with coupon links and matchups.  Her list is genious and it should pay off well.  I personally will likely not venture in, but if you like Walmart and have the time there are great deals to be had!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Target: Bring The Coupon Policy & Customer Service Phone #

I knew I would be in for it when I walked in the door- Shelly looked at me with a blank stare and I tried to kill her with kindness " So good to see you!" (Or Not so much)...  You know your in for it when all of the cashiers are discussing the new coupon policies and matching your coupons to your items from the start.  I faired well with the exception of the trial sized crystal light.  The computer beeped, the cashier refused to take it and I didnt have time to wait for customer service.  I let her dig through my 8 bags to take the 4 items out (since 12 single serve packs for $3.96 is no deal, free would be a great deal).  Customer service is not quick- I was on the cell phone from the Target parking lot to my front door.  Was there resolution?  Yes.  Will I get an "I'm sorry for the trouble" gift, Yes.  Am I enjoying Target a little less? Yes.  I am trying to plan my trips a bit better to allow for "Fussing Time", but I would really just as soon not fuss and leave with a deal and a smile.  What have your experiences been like?  Any one else had a run in with a ding dong?  Since Walmart is no fuss with the coupons I am likely going to start taking my overage coupons there. 

Deal Alert:  The entire Summer/Out door section was marked down again today and $100 patio furniture was flying out for less than $20.  There were plenty of cheap bug spray and fun outdoor goodies when I left.  If you need gardening supplies Target is the place to go.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Price Chopper Poster- No Free Item Internet Coupons

The Plattsburgh NY Price Chopper has a huge poster that says "No Free Items With Internet Coupons".  Here is the scoop.  There are several "free product" coupons posted on hotcouponworld and afullcup- free Downey, Free Water, Free Medication.  These coupons are not valid coupons.  They do not have bar codes.  Price Chopper apparently accepted a few of them and will not take printed coupons that state "FREE_________" (ie; Downey, Tylenol).  In general I think these coupons look fraudulent and are easy to spot.  You can still get items for free when using coupons, but you cant use printable coupons that say "Free".

Some Examples

Colgate Toothpaste is on sale for $2 a tube, use a $1 printable that doubles to take $2 off of the total.  The toothpaste will be free, but the coupon specified a $ amount off, not a free product.

They will continue to take regular manufacturer coupons for FREE items.

For Example:
The Free 2oz Glade Candle Coupon from August's Red Plum
Vocalpoint coupons for Free Items
Kraft "First Taste" free item coupons.

In general these free product coupons are printed on high gloss paper and have scannable bar codes. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Free DVDs, CDs and Books

Do you have a shelves full of books, CDs or DVDs collecting dust?  Over the years we have accumulated tons of all three.  Wouldn't it be fun if you could swap books you will never read again, DVDs that you have not watched in years, and CDs you have burned/uploaded/downloaded/added to your MP3 player for something new?

Welcome to the world of Paperback Swap, Swap A CD, and Swap A DVD.  The concept is great and the cost is minimal. 

Here is the link for Paperback Swap (CLICK HERE).  There are links to the other 2 sites at the top of the Paperback Swap page.  When you sign up and add 10 books to swap you will get 2 free credits.  You only pay $ when someone requests a book from you.  It is simple!  List your books and when someone requests a book you pay postage to ship it to them.  When you purchase and print shipping and delivery confirmation via their site you get instant credit.  The max. shipping cost I have paid is $2.80.  This is so much less than the average DVD, CD, or Book I would buy in a store.  If you cannot find a book, dvd, or cd that you want add it to your Wish List.  All 3 sites will add you to a waiting list and if/when the wished for item is posted it goes to the person listed #1 in the que. 

You can add $ to an online account via paypal or credit card to cover your postage costs.  Instead of spending $ on shipping supplies I pick up stacks of waterproof Priority and Express Mailing bags at the Post Office.  I turn them inside out, wrap, tape, and pop them into the mailbox.  You can request these for free from the USPS web site and the post man or woman will deliver them to you free of charge. 

The only negative thing I have found is that the 3 Swap sites are separate and not integrated, so I have to add postage $$ to each account.  It is easy, but is an added step I wish I didn't have to take.

The DVD and CD site offer free credits for registering and listing items that you want to swap too.

Free Admit. to Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Last night while I was clipping coupons I set aside an ad for "Buy a Spot Shot Cleaner, Get a Free Movie Ticket".  I honestly didn't think any local theater would be participating, but was very excited to see The Cumberland 12 on the list of participating theaters!

Here are the details:  Visit to sign up for the rewards program.  They offer a $1 coupon via their web site, but there was also one in several Sunday paper inserts.  Go to Price Chopper (for the best deal).  They stock several varieties.  Prices range, but it was easy to find one for less than $6, use the coupon to get double savings (-$2), pay $4 OOP.  Then visit the web site again to enter the rebate info and fill out the form.  You will need to print the form and submit it with the original register slip.  Online reviews report that they will email you a code within 7-14 days.  You will need to use the code to "purchase" an online ticket valued at up to $12 for a specific show time.  The Movie opens on the 18th, so there is plenty of time to make a purchase and submit the rebate info for a free ticket!!

You can also search your local area for participating theaters.  Have fun!

Luvs Diaper

Luvs is giving away $5 coupons, have a great sweepstakes, and are sponsoring a great contest via Money Saving Mom.  CLICK HERE to visit the Luvs site to register for your coupon and for the sweepstakes.  Money Saving Mom is giving away 4- Three Month Supplies of Luvs to lucky blog readers.  CLICK HERE to visit her.  Just leave a comment in her Luvs post- Good LUCK!!

Crazy Coupon Ladies

Complete day 10 of the tutorial to become a Crazy Coupon Lady!  CLICK HERE for the last tutorial!

Super Target Deal

Thank you Kristina for finding this super deal at Target.  These Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder tins are on sale for $1.66 at Target (sale ends 9/28).  Bypass the candle display near the registers (At the Plattsburgh NY location).  Head for the main display area.  Find the tin you would like to sniff, open the lid.  If a $1.50 coupon falls out and you like the scent, hold on to the coupon and add the candle to your cart.  Use your coupon to take this tin and candle home for 16cents!!!!

Wait it gets better.  There are coupons oline at for buy a holder get a refill for free.  You should be able to print this twice.  You may need to try zip code 90210 or 90211 if it does not come up in your zip code.  These same coupons were in just about every August Sunday paper insert made!  I have a pile of them.  These are on sale for $2.59, but retail for as high as $3.99.
** TAKE HOME about $7 worth for 16 cents**
I think these would make great teacher/secret santa gifts or stocking stuffers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rite Aid- Brag, Rant, Thank you!

First I will celebrate the savings!!  If you are cashing in on the Airwick coupons, make sure that the 50% off sale registers.  We had to go back in for a refund, worth the hastle, but a pain none the less. 
Transaction #1
10 Johnson & Johnson Baby Products (reg 4.29-5.99) on sale for $2.99each (included 5 "bonus packs" with more free stuff)
2 Soda $1.49+$1.59+deposit
3 Popcorn Balls (3/$1- Rt 3 location would not honor the $1/2 coupons.  More on that in a minute)
2- Airwick I-Motion Reg $13.99 on sale $6.99
1 Speed Stick- $2.49- has a $1.50 coupon for zip code 33907
Coupons Used
$5/$25 Rite Aid Coupon (
$10 in a variety of Johnson&Johnson Coupons via Tia's Site (see earlier post or CLICK HERE)
$1.50 off Speed Stick printable and 50c Rite Aid coupon
$6 off Airwick x2
Total after coupons= $25.58
Paid with Rebate from Last Month= $0 OOP
SCR Rebates Coming Back= $15.00
Extra Rebate= I earned almost $50  towards the extra rebate program!!
Better than FREE!!
Transaction #2
2 Airwick Kits reg $9.99- 50% off for $4.99 each
3 Suave Body Wash on sale $1.99 each
4 Cover Girl Mineral Make up Regular Price $12.99
2 Cover Girl Eye Shadow Regular Price $3.39
1 very overpriced 20 oz Pepsi $1.79
Coupons Used:
$5/$25 purchase

$4 Airwick Isave x 2
75c off 2 Suave Body Wash
Buy 2 Get 1 Free Suave Body Wash coupons
2 Covergirl BOGO coupons
2 $1.00 off Cover Girl coupons

The Bottom Line: $6.88 OOP
SCR Earned: $1.00
Over $50 towards the extra Rebate.

In these 2 transactions I spent $6.88 in cash out of my pocket, I spent the remaining gift card balance of $25.58 (well $25.5 on card 8c out of my pocket) from last month's rebate) for a total cost to me of $32.46.  I will be getting $16.00 in single check rebates and $20 in rebates from the extra fall rebate program.  I got to bring home almost $124 in products and will realize a profit of $3.54 when I get my rebates back!!  Thank you Rite Aid!

Now for a complaint- I hate the Route 3 location!!  I will be calling corporate tomorrow.  I have gone to the Skyway Plaza location for my last 4/6 Rite Aid trips and must say- They are polite and take coupons with no complaint or fuss.  I have never come into contact with a Skyway employee who was not trained in regards to the Rite Aid corporate coupon policy.  Route 3 is another story.  I plan to get something in writing and personally talk to the management tomorrow.  They only want to take internet coupons that come from their web site, that have the Rite Aid logo.  Stomp your feet and pitch a fit- they will take them.  The rule is any internet manufactuer's coupon with a scannable code with a $5 value or less.  If you pitch a fit they will take them, but the big point is you should not have to pitch a fit.  The coupons scan with no problem and their corporate policy states they have to take them.  The selection is not as good at the Skyway location, but the customer service is so wonderful that I think the Rt. 3 location may see less of me.  I know I shouldn't complain when I am profitting to shop, but I like service with a smile! 

Many thanks to Kristina, a blog reader, and crazy coupon lady in training.  It was fun to have a partner in crime. It is always more fun to argue with a cashier when there is an audience!  Check back later tonight for a great TARGET deal that Kristina found!  Here is a hint- Who likes candles for less than 75c??? With a free refill??

Time For A Contest

To celebrate reaching 600 hits in 2 weeks time I am going to host a contest.

HOW TO ENTER:  Look over to the right side of the blog.  There is a tool "Become a Follower", simply sign up to follow my blog.  You can use your GOOGLE, Yahoo, or AIM user name to sign up to recieve daily emails that will include all of my blog posts each day.  AND/OR leave a comment to this post.  Each person can have 2 entries- 1 for following and 1 for commenting.

HOW I WILL CHOOSE A WINNER:  I will number everyone in sequence of signing up and plug the # of entries into a random # picker.

HOW WILL I GET MY PRIZE?  I will mail via USPS for out of town entries or I can deliver/meet you in the greater Plattsburgh NY area (at a location you pick- in public for safety sake).

Everything seen here (except for the cat in the left corner).  A Brita water filtration system, 1 4pk Benevia beverages, 1 Air Wick I-Motion, Two Products from the Glade Fragrance Collection, a Handy coupon sorting tool, A Box of Fiber One Cereal, and a Bounce Dryer Bar. 
I will pick a winner Friday September 18th 2009 at 9am. 

A Laugh and a Giggle

Well this post has nothing to do with being frugal.  But if you would like a FREE laugh- here are three blogs that sometimes blow my mind and always make me chuckle.

One Day To Go!

Day #9 of The Krazy Coupon Lady tutorials is right HERE.  Enjoy a day of rest and finding balance!

Printable Coupons- Matchups for Sales and FREE things

Here are some of my favorite new printable coupons

$1/2 Campbell's Soup  CLICK HERE

Lunchables Coupons and Lunch Note Program CLICK HERE

Near East Products $1/2 CLICK HERE

Nestle/Carnation Holiday Recipe Book  CLICK HERE to download or request a copy via USPS

Rite Aid 9/13-9/19/09

RITE AID has wonderful sales this week!!!  With their new fall savings program to get extra $ back via check rebate these deals are even better!  Remember your totals toward the $100.01 level, for a $20 rebate, are BEFORE coupons.  This week it would be very easy to stock up on baby supplies, air freshener, make up, and candy- leave with most for free, and rack up about $50 worth of purchase credit for the program.  As always, why reinvent the wheel!  VISIT TIA (CLICK HERE).  She has great coupon links, but hurry the Johnson&Johnson coupons are sure to fly.



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