Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rite Aid- Brag, Rant, Thank you!

First I will celebrate the savings!!  If you are cashing in on the Airwick coupons, make sure that the 50% off sale registers.  We had to go back in for a refund, worth the hastle, but a pain none the less. 
Transaction #1
10 Johnson & Johnson Baby Products (reg 4.29-5.99) on sale for $2.99each (included 5 "bonus packs" with more free stuff)
2 Soda $1.49+$1.59+deposit
3 Popcorn Balls (3/$1- Rt 3 location would not honor the $1/2 coupons.  More on that in a minute)
2- Airwick I-Motion Reg $13.99 on sale $6.99
1 Speed Stick- $2.49- has a $1.50 coupon for zip code 33907
Coupons Used
$5/$25 Rite Aid Coupon (
$10 in a variety of Johnson&Johnson Coupons via Tia's Site (see earlier post or CLICK HERE)
$1.50 off Speed Stick printable and 50c Rite Aid coupon
$6 off Airwick x2
Total after coupons= $25.58
Paid with Rebate from Last Month= $0 OOP
SCR Rebates Coming Back= $15.00
Extra Rebate= I earned almost $50  towards the extra rebate program!!
Better than FREE!!
Transaction #2
2 Airwick Kits reg $9.99- 50% off for $4.99 each
3 Suave Body Wash on sale $1.99 each
4 Cover Girl Mineral Make up Regular Price $12.99
2 Cover Girl Eye Shadow Regular Price $3.39
1 very overpriced 20 oz Pepsi $1.79
Coupons Used:
$5/$25 purchase

$4 Airwick Isave x 2
75c off 2 Suave Body Wash
Buy 2 Get 1 Free Suave Body Wash coupons
2 Covergirl BOGO coupons
2 $1.00 off Cover Girl coupons

The Bottom Line: $6.88 OOP
SCR Earned: $1.00
Over $50 towards the extra Rebate.

In these 2 transactions I spent $6.88 in cash out of my pocket, I spent the remaining gift card balance of $25.58 (well $25.5 on card 8c out of my pocket) from last month's rebate) for a total cost to me of $32.46.  I will be getting $16.00 in single check rebates and $20 in rebates from the extra fall rebate program.  I got to bring home almost $124 in products and will realize a profit of $3.54 when I get my rebates back!!  Thank you Rite Aid!

Now for a complaint- I hate the Route 3 location!!  I will be calling corporate tomorrow.  I have gone to the Skyway Plaza location for my last 4/6 Rite Aid trips and must say- They are polite and take coupons with no complaint or fuss.  I have never come into contact with a Skyway employee who was not trained in regards to the Rite Aid corporate coupon policy.  Route 3 is another story.  I plan to get something in writing and personally talk to the management tomorrow.  They only want to take internet coupons that come from their web site, that have the Rite Aid logo.  Stomp your feet and pitch a fit- they will take them.  The rule is any internet manufactuer's coupon with a scannable code with a $5 value or less.  If you pitch a fit they will take them, but the big point is you should not have to pitch a fit.  The coupons scan with no problem and their corporate policy states they have to take them.  The selection is not as good at the Skyway location, but the customer service is so wonderful that I think the Rt. 3 location may see less of me.  I know I shouldn't complain when I am profitting to shop, but I like service with a smile! 

Many thanks to Kristina, a blog reader, and crazy coupon lady in training.  It was fun to have a partner in crime. It is always more fun to argue with a cashier when there is an audience!  Check back later tonight for a great TARGET deal that Kristina found!  Here is a hint- Who likes candles for less than 75c??? With a free refill??

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