Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nabisco Coupon Pack

CLICK HERE to request your $55 coupon savings pack from Nabisco.  The pack contains 2- $20 rebate forms and $15 in coupons.  These coupons will go a long way toward filling lunch boxes and purchasing classroom snacks.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rite Aid 10/25-10/31/09

Here is a list of my favorite Rite Aid Deals that Start Sunday
  • Don't forget that the October $5/20 Adperks coupons expire 10/31.
  • The October SCR ends tomorrow 10/24
  • The November SCR starts 10/25
Vaseline Sheer Infusion $4.99 – $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/18/09 RP inserts) – $4 SCR = FREE!

GE Soft White Light Bulbs 2/$2 – $2/2 SCR = FREE!

St Ives Skin Care $3.99 – $3 SCR – $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 9/20/09 SS inserts) = FREE!

Kotex pads, Pantiliners, Tampons $2.99 – $2 SCR – $1 printable = FREE!

Febreze Fabric Refresher $4.49 – $2 SCR – $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 9/27/09 P&G inserts) = $1.49

Huggies $9.99 – $2 printable – $3 SCR = $4.99
• Jumbo Pack Diapers (20-44ct; $9.99)
• Pull-ups Training Pants (19-29ct – not listed in ad, so I do not know if they are $9.99)
• GoodNites Underwear (10-18ct – not listed in ad, so I do not know if they are $9.99)
(limit 1 SCR, but also counts towards offer #800, Buy 5 get voucher for free pack)
Huggies Diapers $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/25/09 SS inserts)
Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers $3 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/25/09 SS inserts)
$2 printable has been running $1.50 and $3 coupons today (10/24)
$2 adperk offered in September that you may still use. This adperk coupon is no longer available
Pull ups $2 adperk coupon IS available
You can also submit for the Caregiver’s Marketplace Rebate

David Babaii Hair Products B1G1 – $5/2 RA printable – $2 SCR = This brings the price down to $1 a bottle.

Air wick ultra freshmatic i-motion kits 50% off (approx. $6.99 – $6 manufacturer coupon (from the 9/13/09 SS #1 inserts, coupon excpires 10/25/09) = 99¢

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste B1G1 $3.99/2
Arm & Hammer Oral Care products $3/2 manufacturer coupon (from the 8/16/09 SS inserts)= 19¢/2 – 99¢/2

Almay Cosmetics BOGO- there are many $2/1 coupons from the past 4 Sunday papers and All of the eye makeup scores $2 SCR (limit 1)

Alba Lip Balm BOGO

Proantinox BOGO
Use Sept. $3 AdPerks to get 2 for 99cents

Blistex BOGO

Some Ideas for this week:

Deal #1
(1) Vaseline Sheer Infusion $4.99
(1) Kotex pads, Pantiliners, Tampons $2.99
(1) Air wick ultra freshmatic i-motion kits $6.99
(4) Arm & Hammer Toothpaste B1G1 (2/$3.99)
= $22.95- $5/$20 adperk coupon
= $18.95- $14 manufacturer coupons
= $4.95- $6 SCR
= $1.05 profit!

Deal #2
(1) Huggies $9.99
(1) Febreze Fabric Refresher $4.49
(1) St Ives Skin Care $3.99
(2) GE Soft White Light Bulbs 2/$2
= $20.47- $5/$20 ad perk coupon
= $15.47- $2 adperk coupon
= $13.47- $4 manufacturer coupons
= $9.47- $10 SCR= 53¢ profit!

Deal #1 + Deal #2 =
$1.58 profit
$43.42 in merchandise!

Gevalia Coffee-Be hot, be cold, you decide.

Are you a coffee drinker?  CLICK HERE to explore the latest Gevalia offers.  They are offering a free coffee maker with purchase of 2 boxes of coffee for $14.95 (no additional purchase required).  This looks like an economical christmas gift or possibly a wedding/shower gift.

Free on Friday

Walmart and Pampers are giving away Extra Protection Diaper samples.  CLICK HERE to request one!

CLICK HERE to request the latest Kashi Free Sample.  Today it is Chewy Granola bars.  They are always excellent about sending coupons with their samples- hurry these will go fast!

The folks over at the Dairy/Butter Association is Wisc. are taking requests for this excellent holiday recipe card mailer.  CLICK HERE to request your recipe collection.  Remember: It's always better with BUTTER!!

Do you like Organic Produce- We do, but we love it even better when it is FREE!  Earthbound Farm Organics are offering a new Organic Recipe Collection.  Their coupons are great and tend to arrive every 3-4 weeks like clockwork.  CLICK HERE to sign up.

Home Made Simple Coupon Book

Proctor & Gamble is promoting another high value coupon pack.  CLICK HERE to get your book of coupons via mail.  Early reports say that it includes a coupon for FREE Cascade Dishwasher detergent.

Prilosec- Free Sample

CLICK HERE to get your sample of Prilosec OTC (& Coupons for more per report).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

15% off Childrens Place

CLICK HERE to visit The Children's Place.  They are offering a printable coupon and online coupon code for 15% off any order.  This includes their great clearance items.

Thankful It's Thursday

Today has been a slow day with too few free things, but it could be worse- It could be MONDAY!
Clorox is giving away $5 coupons (you can print 2) that can be used to score a very cheap or free Toilet Wand.  This would make a useful cleaning accessory and maybe even a good holiday gift (your favorite sister in law?- SLAP- I didn't say that did I?)  CLICK HERE to print your coupons.  I am sure this one will go fast!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kodak $15 Gift Cards/Codes

In celebration of the New Kodak Gallery, they are offering a Million Thanks to customers and chance for a trip for 2 to a live taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Between October 20 – November 13, there will be a limited amount of $15 gift codes given away to visitors who come to the new Kodak Gallery Site. (Mine has already arrived and I have already used it!) After the supply of $15 gift codes are gone for a particular phase, a 40% off coupons will be given!

If you are the recipient of a 40% off gift code, you may come back to the promotion during the next phase to receive a $15 gift code!

Here’s how:
  • Visit the New Kodak Gallery
  • Enter your email in the space provided to the right of your screen noted “Get Your Free Gift Here”
  • Enter your information on the next page and your code for either $15 Gift or 40% off will be emailed to the email address you provided
  • Shop and enjoy your savings!
  • New customers can also receive 40% off their first purchase and only $0.09 per print.
Here’s more information on the release of the $15 Gift Codes:
Phase 1 (Oct 20 – Oct 28): Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes will be given away
Phase 2 (Oct 29 – Nov 5): Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes will be given away
Phase 3 (Nov 6 – Nov 13):Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes will be given away
1 FREE gift of $15 good towards the Kodak Gallery website (fulfilled as a digital code) per person limit.

Price Chopper Coupons

The Price Chopper Printables reset yesterday.  There are great coupons for candy, DVDs, toys, and holiday baking mixes.  Check them out before they run out!!

Candy Coupon Crazy!

Get a $2/1 printable coupon for Nestle bagged candy (e.g., Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger, etc.) or a $2/1 printable coupon for Wonka bagged candy (e.g., Nerds, Laffy Taffy, etc.). Both are good on 24 oz and larger bags.

You can also still grab $1/1 printable coupons to use toward the smaller bags (11.5 oz and larger) of Nestle and Wonka candy.

Rite Aid shoppers, grab this $1/1 printable coupon to use toward any bagged candy with a price of $1 or more. Or, get a $1/2 printable coupon to use at Target on M&M Halloween candy bags.

Plus, don’t forget that there was a fabulous coupon in the 10/18 Smart Source insert to get a free Hershey’s, Reese’s or Kit Kat snack size bag (9 oz – 22 oz) when you buy three bags (a $3 value).

(Thank you Coupon Cravings!)

Edible Arrangements

Another Great Facebook Freebie!  CLICK HERE to sign up for your free box of CHOCOLATE DIPPED FRUIT.  You can use your code to order one for a friend (and pay only the delivery charge) or you can call ahead and pick one up at a retail location for FREE.  There is one in Burlington VT and I plan on cashing in on my way to a scrapbooking retreat in a few weeks!  This will make a wonderful snack to share during my mommy vacation:) 

15% off at Children's Place

CLICK HERE to visit The Children's Place coupon generator.  You can print a coupons for in store use or collect an online coupon code.  This 15% can be used on top of their current Monster Sale Clearance. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kashi Go Lean Crunch

Kashi is promoting their new Go Lean Crunch Cereal.  I would love to try it, but my soy allergy will not allow that.  I have a huge stack of $3/1 and $1.50/1box coupons to share with anyone who would like one (or more).  Please email if you want one.  the $3 coupons will make this cereal free at Target and probably Walmart too!  Thank you Kashi for coupons to share!!

Alouette Cheese- Part I

My Mailbox was packed full of great deals, rebate checks, and free merchandise coupons today!  It was great fun to sift through the stack.  A few weeks ago the folks at She Speaks offered up a great product trial- Gourmet Cheese.  Not the squirt can variety that my husband loves, but the colorful yummy goodness of artisan cheese.  Alouette offers a lovely variety; feta, brie, goat, gourmet speads.  I was lucky enough to be offered a variety of free product coupons, recipes, and $1 off coupons (that will be doubled at Price Chopper).  Who would like to try some funky cheese with me? At a discount price?  Please email me if you would like a $1 coupon.  These are the Options:
  • Any Alouette Brie Product
  • Any Alouette Crumbled Cheese
  • Any Alouette Speadable Cheese
I would love to include your opinion of the Alouette Cheese products in my official review (I expect to put my free products to the test next weekend).

If you are interested in coupons please email me and I can make arrangements to meet you at SUNY or CVPH to get the coupons to you.  I will work on my full review soon and will have some yummy reciepes posting this week!  Have a great Week!


Snapfish is offering 20 free holiday cards when you sign up for a new account.  CLICK HERE to take advantage of this great Holiday $$ saver ($15 value).  This Credit will expire 10/22/09, hurry before it expires! 

More Shutterfly Deals

** Create 3 Greeting Cards and use 3FREECARDS  (use this at checkout to score 3 FREE Greeting Cards $1.49 value each)** Offer Expires 11/2/09

Fantastic Facebook Freebie

I love Shutterfly!!  Right now you can get credit for a free 8x8 photobook ($19.99 retail value) when you add the Family Tree Application to your facebook account.  CLICK HERE to sign up and invite family and friends.  After you sign up close the window, come back here, and CLICK HERE.  Click on the "# of Pending Requests" in upper left part of page (it will be red/orange).   A pop-up window from Shutterfly will open telling you that you have earned a coupon for your 8x8 photobook.  Click Accept.  Go to Shutterfly's main page, login to your account, then add a coupon code (very bottom of page).  A free 8x8 photo book credit will post to your account (exp 11/15/09).  Shipping is very reasonable and this will make a great Christmas gift!

I have done it with my acct and my husbands acct.  It worked like a charm, but will likely be limited in # and go quickly!! Have fun!

12 Cheapskate Tricks of Christmas

It certainly feels like winter is right around the corner.  In two (very short) months our house will be full of hustle and bustle.  This year I am aiming to finish my shopping and creating early.  I have been shopping clearance sales since April, so I do have quite the headstart.  Over the next 2 weeks I am going to share some of my favorite family traditions and tips to make this holiday season peaceful, calm, and CHEAP.  We are really trying to live by the motto "It's the thought and time that go into it, not just the $$ value".

I am trying to teach Emma all about the meaning of the season and expose her to all sorts of holiday traditions.  Last year we started a holiday book basket tradition that I plan to keep up with for many years to come.  On December 1st a "basket" of gifts appeared near the front door.  Every night before bed Emma had fun picking out a gift and unwrapping it to find a Christmas themed bedtime story.  She learned many new words and concepts and we were able to easily reinforce concepts that we wanted her to learn:
  • Jesus is the reason for the season.
  • It is better to give than to receive.
  • Share.
The list is endless.  This may sound like an expensive tradition to start;  24 books of all shapes and sizes would be a huge expense if I had paid retail, but cost less than $35 total.  When Christmas was over I packed the holiday themed stories with the Christmas decorations and I will wrap them all up again this year.  I plan to replace some of the books every year to account for age and language development, but many of the stories will be used year after year.  The only book I leave out of the backet is "Twas The Night Before Christmas"- That magically appears with a new pair of PJs on Christmas eve. 

Where do I find cheap books for this activity and many others?

I love them.  Sometimes they say that there will be a remainder mark on them, but this is no more than a small marker dot on the barcode.  The prices are super cheap and there are always 10-30% off coupons and free shipping coupons available on line!  I often search "gift" to find neat boxed gift set books.  Last year I scored $1 Charlie Brown Christmas box sets that included a book and tiny tree with all of the decorations.

Have fun exploring this great book retailer.  The book basket is a fun tradition that does not have to break the bank.  It is an excellent opportunity for Holiday snuggle time and for teaching time honored traditions.

Kraft- Jingle Deal

Kraft has just launched their "Keep The Jingle In Your Holiday" $10 mail in rabate.  CLICK HERE to visit the Kraft web site for details.  There are a few great printable coupons to help you save $ when buying your 10 Kraft Products.  Squirt Cheese is a considered a "meal of champions" in my husband's family- so this should be easy to accomplish at our house!

Target Playskool Deal

These classic Sit and Spin toys are only $20 at Target this week.  Visit to print a $10 off coupon.  A fantastic Christmas gift for $10!!

Rite Aid 10/18/09

There are MANY terrific coupon deals, SCR deals, and FREE things to be had at Rite Aid This Week!!


Use $5/1 printable here
Submit for $8.99 Single Check Rebate
Free plus $5 overage after coupon and Single Check Rebate

Blink Tears--$7.99
Use $4/1 coupon in the 8/02 RedPlum insert
or USE $1.50 printable HERE
Free plus $4 overage after coupon and Single Check Rebate

Zucol Coldcare--$5.99
Use $2/1 coupon in the 3/08 SmartSource insert
Submit for $5.99 Single Check Rebate
Free plus $2 overage after coupon and Single Check Rebate

Neilmed Nasa Mist Saline Spray--$9.99
Use $2/1 printable here
Submit for $9.99 Single Check Rebate
Free plus $2 overage after coupon and Single Check Rebate

Neilmed NasaGel--$5.99
Use $2/1 printable here
Submit for $5.99 Single Check Rebate
Free plus $2 overage after coupon and Single Check Rebate

Coldcalm or Chestal--$7.99
Use $1/1 printable here
Submit for $7.99 Single Check Rebate
Free plus $1 overage after coupon and Single Check Rebate

Little Colds--$5.49
Submit for $5.49 Single Check Rebate
Free after Single Check Rebate

Little Colds Sore Throat--$3.99
Submit for $3.99 Single Check Rebate
Free after Single Check Rebate

Little Allergies--$9.99
Submit for $9.99 Single Check Rebate
Free after Single Check Rebate

Submit for $7.99 Single Check Rebate
Free after Single Check Rebate

Cepacol Fizzlers--$4.99
Submit for $4.99 Single Check Rebate
Free after Single Check Rebate

Act II Popcorn Balls--3 for $0.99
Buy 3 and use $1/2 coupon in the October All You magazine
Get all three free after the coupon

Hershey's Dark chocolate candy bar--$0.99
Use $1/1 coupon in the 9/27 SmartSource insert
Free after coupon

Tresemme Stylers--$3.33
Use $2/1 Rite Aid coupon via AdPerks
Submit for $1 Single Check Rebate
$0.33 after coupon and Single Check Rebate

Halls cough drops (30-count)--$1.00
Use $0.35/1 coupon in the 9/27 SmartSource insert
$0.65 after coupon

Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets

The price this week is BOGO
There is a coupon for $1.00 off 1 here
Use 10/4 Smartsource coupon for $1.00 off 1
Final Price Varies

L'OREAL Foundation, Powder, Blush or Concealer

The price this week is BOGO
There is a coupon in the 10/18 Redplum for $2.00 off 1
Final price varies

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper 12ct $6.49

use $2.00 Rite Aid Adperks coupon AND
use $1.00 coupon (10/11 RP)
Final Price: $3.49

eos Lip Balm 0.14 - 0.25 oz.

The price this week is $1.99
Register for email to get $1.00 Printable
There is a Single Check Rebate for $1.99
Final price is FREE (with possible overage)!!!

These Deals feature $5/$20 adperks coupons
Deal #1

(1) NeilMed Nasal Mist $9.99
(1) Zantac $8.99
(1) EOS Lip Balm $1.99
= $20.97- $5/$20 adperk coupon
= $15.97- $2 OTC RA printable
- $8 manufacturer coupons= $5.97
- $20.97 SCR= $15 profit!

Deal #2
(1) Little Allergies Allergy Block $9.99
(1) Blink Tears $7.99
(1) Lubriderm $2.99
= $20.97- $5/$20 adperk coupon
= $15.97- $2 skin care coupon 
- $8 manufacturer coupon= $7.97
- $17.98 SCR= $12.01 profit!

Deal #3
(1) ColdCalm Pellets or Chestal® Honey Cough Syrup $7.99
(1) Sambucol (Lozenges, 30 ct) $7.99
(1) Chloraseptic® Kids $4.49
= $20.97- $5/$20 adperk coupon
= $15.97- $4 manufacturer coupons
= $11.97- $20.97 SCR= $9 profit!

Deal #4
(1) Zucol $5.99
(1) NasoGel Drip Free Gel $5.99
(1) Cepacol® Fizzlers $4.99
(1) Little Colds $3.99
= $20.96- $5/$20 adperk coupon
= $15.96- $5 manufacturer coupons
= $10.96- $20.96 SCR
= $10 profit!

Deal #1 $15 Profit
Deal #2 $12.01 Profit
Deal #3 $9 Profit
Deal #4 $10 Profit
= $46.01 Profit + $83.87 in merchandise!



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