Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alouette Cheese- Part I

My Mailbox was packed full of great deals, rebate checks, and free merchandise coupons today!  It was great fun to sift through the stack.  A few weeks ago the folks at She Speaks offered up a great product trial- Gourmet Cheese.  Not the squirt can variety that my husband loves, but the colorful yummy goodness of artisan cheese.  Alouette offers a lovely variety; feta, brie, goat, gourmet speads.  I was lucky enough to be offered a variety of free product coupons, recipes, and $1 off coupons (that will be doubled at Price Chopper).  Who would like to try some funky cheese with me? At a discount price?  Please email me if you would like a $1 coupon.  These are the Options:
  • Any Alouette Brie Product
  • Any Alouette Crumbled Cheese
  • Any Alouette Speadable Cheese
I would love to include your opinion of the Alouette Cheese products in my official review (I expect to put my free products to the test next weekend).

If you are interested in coupons please email me and I can make arrangements to meet you at SUNY or CVPH to get the coupons to you.  I will work on my full review soon and will have some yummy reciepes posting this week!  Have a great Week!

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