Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Review- "My Grocery List" A Fun Learning Game!

I am always looking for new games to purchase.  We enjoy family game nights at home and I use all of our games at work.  When I was offered the chance to review this fun game, called "My Grocery List" by Marina Games I was excited. The Mommy and The Speech Therapist in me saw the potential this game could have for both fun at home and fun at work.  The product did not disappoint. 

The Game Materials are high quality and are much better than materials used by most of the big industry leaders.  Marina Games has built this game to last!  The game arrives in a sturdy and colorful cardboard box.  Inside you will find 5 Shopping List Cards, 5 Shopping Basket Cards and 30 Grocery Item Cards.  Each Player chooses a basket and list.  The 30 cards are shuffled and spread face down on the table to create a hide and seek game.  Players take turns to see if they can find an item on their list to add to their basket.  The first player to collect all 6 items on their list is the winner.  That is the easy way to play.

Other Ideas:
  • Place the baskets out on the table and work as a team to sort the groceries into categories.  (Meat Veggies , Fruit, Treats Etc.)
  • Use The Grocery Item cards to play a description game.  Each player selects a card and describes the item to other players.  The first person to "Name That Food" adds the item to their basket.  The person who gets the most wins.

Other Ways I Used The Game

  •  If you work with head injured or stroke patients this game is a must have!  It is study.  The game has just enough amount of print on the cards.  The grocery lists are great for targeting recall, attention, and naming skills.  It is not too juvenile in appearance to turn adults off.  I have found that playing this game and using the game kit materials aids in recall, memory and it stirs up great conversation. 
I give this game 5/5 stars!  Marina Games offers many new games that are fun across the lifespan.  Thank you Marina Games for sending me "My Grocery List" to review and keep.  It will be put to good use!




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