Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tasty Kitchen

Have you had the chance to meet Ree the Pioneer Woman?  If you like butter, mayo, and everything high fat you will love her blog and cooking web site.  I highly recommend the "Marlboro Man Sandwiches" and her Tres Leches Cake looks too good to be true.

Get ready for a trip to the grocery store to pick up everything you need for your your favorite recipe!

Eight Days Down- Two to Go!

By now most have you have probably gone and jumped ahead a few days with the tutorials, but if not CLICK HERE for Day #8.

Price Chopper's Best Chops 9/13-9/19/09

Front Page Deals
  • Grapes 98c/lb
  • Dole Bagged Salad BOGO
  • Sargento Salad Finishers 2/$5
  • Country Style Spare Ribs $1.59/lb
  • Bakery Fresh Donuts B6G6
  • Snickers (Mars Products) pks of 8 minis= 88c
Best Chops of the Week
  • Prego Pasta Sauce $2
  • Barilla Pasta $1.19
  • PC Bread Crumbs $1.00
  • Cocoa Puffs $2
  • Lucky Charms $2
  • Cheerios $2
  • Chex Mix 2/$3
  • Betty Crocker Pot. 4/$5
  • Pillsbury Crescents $2
  • Rice A Roni $1
  • Hot Pockets $2
  • Bertolli Skillet Meals $5.99
  • Colgate Paste & Brushes $1
  • Edge Shave gel $2
  • Suave Deodorant 2/$3
  • Peasant Bread $2
10 for $10
  • Bumble Bee Tuna
  • Chef Boyardee
  • Mama Celeste Pizza
  • Tony's Pizza
  • Gatorade Thirst Quencher
  • Jumbo Sar S Meat Franks
  • College Inn Broth
  • Freihoffer's Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Thomas' English Muffins
  • Freihoffer's Split Top Bread
Go Can Crazy
  • PC Veggies 14.5-15.25oz cans 39c
  • PC Black Olives 3/$3
  • Peter Pan PB 2/$3
  • Campbell's Soup 2/$1
  • PC Mixed Veggies, Spinach, Beets, Potatoes 79c
  • PC Fruit Cocktail 5/$5
  • Hot Cocoa Canisters $2
Register Rewards, Promos:  Check back later tonight.  I havent been able to get my hands on the actual sale ads from PC.  Reports say the cereal prices are after an in ad coupon.  There are also several good register rewards.  I will post details as soon as I can actually read them myself in the ads.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rite Aid Gift Of Savings

The Rite Aid Gift of Savings program returns this Sunday, September 13th.  This will make this month's SCR program even more fun!  Imagine all of the stuff you will take home for free after SCR and then get this GOS certificate back too!!  Just in time for holiday gifts!!!

Between 9/13 and 10/17 enter all your receipts into the Gift of Savings website. When you spend the required amount, you will receive a Gift of Savings Certificate for the amount specified.

This is not advertised until the ad of 09/20, but the promotion dates start 09/13. Be sure to save all receipts.

There are some exclusions, but I would enter all receipts anyway. As soon as the website is live, I will remind you of the program.

Spend between $25 and $50 and receive a $5.00 Gift of Savings Certificate
Spend between $50.01 and $100 and receive a $10.00 Gift of Savings Certificate
Spend $100.01 or more and receive a $20.00 Gift of Savings Certificate

The GOS Certificates are like a paper gift certificate. They have a few exclusions, but can be used for almost anything in the store.

Target- Policy Practice and a HUGE Sarcastic Rant

First I want to appologize to anyone who ended up behind me in line at Target today.  There were 2 (Two) cashiers this am- Shelly and someone with 4 people in line.  I picked Shelly figuring that atleast we would have a chance to see how well she knew the coupon policy.  NOT WELL, Target please make her get reading glasses.  She is quick to inform loyal customers that she cannot read small print and refuses to try to read the coupons and stated "I'm just a cashier."  Concession Stand Chris (I was incorrect with his name the other day-Concession Stand Craig does not exist- so sorry Chris.  I want to make sure you get credit where it is due!) was there and actually was snottier than he was the other day.  He actually tried to tell me one of my internet coupons looked like a photocopied manufacturer's coupon because it was not the same size as the Target Printables.  I am good with computers, but even I have yet to hear of anyone who can actually reproduce the Smartsource "security spot" and perfect the serial #.  Snot Head!!  Did I get an excessive amount of cereal? Yes- 7 big boxes and 15 General Mills cups (The Target coupons expire tomorrow- one last hurrah!).  They all scanned until #12.  Chris and Shelly did not seem to understand what "Get a Real Manager, Call Customer Care." meant.  Apparently they become aphasic from coupon shock (globally aphasic), aphasic with a touch of limb apraxia.  So I decided to "set up camp" and refused to move until they called a manager.  Thank you Asst. manager Kelsey for taking my coupons.  Thank you for being polite to me and even polite to your two sub-par employees in front of customers.  I hope that Shelly and Chris learn to read English soon and I really hope that Target gives employees a vision rider with their health insurance.  Please take advantage of that soon Shelly!  It would also be very nice if the two rocket scientists of the front end (Chris and Shelly) were educated a bit more about welfare benefits -vs- coupon use.  In my experience not too many people with NYS benefit cards come in armed with lots of coupons.  I would feel better if they did, then they would at least be streching their limited budget to get more for our tax $$s.  Do these two realize that the manufacturers pay you an additional 8c for every coupon?  Technically the average coupon adds 8c to every item they are used for.  That  is add, not subtract...Give to you, not Take from you!  It is not helpful to insult your customers when they try to use coupons.  Kelsey was very nice and helpful.  I hope that today's call to Target corporate (Thank you Heather) will lead to lessons in customer service.  Look to some of your best employees; People like Kristen, Sarah, Beth, Donnie, Anne, and Matt.  Employees who are friendly and kind.  Employees who appreciate customers and every cent they bring in.  Chris and Shelly need to learn that they are in a CUSTOMER SERVICE industry.  Thank you to all of the Target cashiers and managers that know their job and store policies.  Thank you to the employees who are helpful, friendly, and not snot heads.   Many people are looking to strech a buck.  I would love to walk out with a full cart for free, but that is never the case.  I am always finding a treasure for Emma, a card, a gift, a trinket that pushes my total up again.  Please continue to use your coupons and lots of them!!  When we all unite and demand better service that is what we will get.  I cannot decide if I want to bombard Shelly with coupons or avoid her like the plague- What do you think?  As for "Concession Stand Chris"  I hope Target Management tells him to stick with hotdogs and pop and leave guest relations to the pros!

Deals to be had:
  • If you have Hasbro Pictureka coupons left- there is a Halloween edition in the Halloween section for $9.99.  I think that $4.99 after  $5 coupon is a good deal for a holiday party treat.
  • Toy clearance is still bleak, but there were some neat floor puzzles on an end cap near the bikes for 70c-$1.75.
  • No cheap, but 50% off none the less.  The furniture section has tons of great clearance.  I scored a purple arm chair for Emma's playroom.  $34.95 was great compared to $79.99!  Oh so cute!

Redplum 90210

Redplum has posted new coupons for the 90210 zip code.  Remember that you can change the zip code to search for new offers on Redplum, couponbug, and

I'd love to take credit for this

Maybe my call to customer service in part sparked this, but whatever the reason I am excited that Target has posted the coupon policy very clearly.  It is in simple language with examples.  Perfect for all of their employees.  I suggest printing in Large Print if you are going through Shelly's lane. 

Here is the policy.  I am printing 10, for my Target binder, just in case!!!

Day 7 Tutorial

Click HERE to continue with day #7 of the Krazy Coupon Lady tutorial.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Great Target Debacle

Wednesday night was filled with family, friends, and a great trip to Plattsburgh Target.  First I want to thank our friendly checker Donnie.  He was cheerful, was efficient, and he knows the Target coupon policy in and out.  All was fine- my coupons were scanning with speed and good accuracy.  Then "Concession Stand Craig" got involved.  He apparently did not have enough work to keep him busy.  He approached our lane to tell Donnie that I could only use one target coupon per day.  Thank you Donnie for knowing your store policy, being coupon friendly, and for standing up for your customer.  I am sure it was not easy for him to hear the "team leader" approach a customer, make snotty comments, and tell him how he should do your job incorrectly.  Donnie was professional and provided exceptional customer service.  If you see "Craig" (Glasses, shortish buzzed hair, snotty attitude, full of wize cracks) go to another lane.  Threaten the customer service hotline and stomp your feet until he takes your coupons!!!  I have been assured by corporate guest relations that the problem will be addressed.  Ladies of Plattsburgh Unite- I challenge all of you to go to Target armed with 20 store coupons for General Mills Cereal (the single serve are free).  Load your cart with no less than 20 items and give your checker the 20 Target store coupons.  Practice makes perfect- hopefully the practice we provide will cement the policy in every trouble making, snooty, anti-coupon Target employee left. 

4 Lessons Left until Graduation!

CLICK HERE to continue on with Lesson #6 in the Krazy Coupon Ladies' tutorial.

Coupon Insert Schedule 2009

The coupon insert coupon list is starting to surface.  Reports say that the Troy Record and Albany Times Union will have 5 (Yes - FIVE) coupon pack inserts this week.  ***The list is subject to change*** But is about 90% accurate.  I will update early Sunday morning to verify, but I will be sending my husband out early with instructions to buy two of each!  Here is the schedule for the rest of 2009 in advance.

13 – SmartSource, 2 RedPlum
20 – SmartSource, RedPlum
27 – SmartSource, RedPlum

4 – SmartSource, RedPlum, Procter & Gamble
11 – SmartSource, RedPlum
18 – SmartSource, RedPlum
25 – SmartSource, RedPlum

1 – SmartSource, RedPlum, Procter & Gamble
8 – SmartSource, RedPlum
15 – SmartSource, RedPlum
22 – SmartSource
29 – No inserts scheduled

6 – SmartSource, RedPlum, Procter & Gamble
13 – SmartSource, RedPlum
20 – No inserts scheduled
27 – No Inserts scheduled

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Leapfrog Tag Book

The Krazy Coupon Ladies found another great deal!

CLICK HERE to register a new LeapFrog account and they will send you a FREE Leapfrog Tag book ($13.99 msrp).  100% free, no catch, no shipping, no tax!

Half Way to Crazy!

Have you enjoyed the Krazy Coupon Ladies' tutorial?  I have had good luck with many of the ideas posted.  CLICK HERE to continue with Day #5's lesson.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leap Frog

There are Crazy Good Leap Frog Coupons on a variety of great learning toys.  Check them out- they are ready just in time for holiday shopping!

Also here are some great Printable Leap Frog Coupons:

$5.00/1 - Leapster Learning Game - (

$10.00/1 - Leapster 2 Learning Game - (

$5.00/1 - Tag Junior - (
$3.00/1 - Various Leap Frog Toys -(
$10.00/1 - Tag Reading System - (
$5.00/1 - Tag Junior Book Pal- (

** These toys have been on sale and clearance lately at Target** Print as many of each as you think you will need now.  They will not be available for long!

Goodies to Start the week

The Coupon mom posted this earlier today.  I have tried to call to request one, but have been met with a bust signal.  Since it is a government sponsored/EPA freebie they should be available in fairly large quantities.  Simply call 1-800-490-9198 to request your free copy.  Mention the following code to get your copy today:  EPA420-K-07-001
The EPA has additional details posted HERE.
I Rarely post a freebie that my husband would get excited about, but today is the exception.  Advance Auto Parts is sponsoring a contest.  I didn't pay much attention to what they are giving away, other than this coupon.  Click HERE to sign up.  Everyone gets a $10/25 coupon.  You can print as many as you want. Hmm...Maybe I can run the auto parts errands and keep the savings a secret...

Day 4 To Becoming a Crazy Coupon Lady

Click here to continue with day #4 of the Krazy Coupon Ladies' tutorial.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 3 to becoming a Crazy Coupon Lady

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Labor Day and I hope the first 2 days worth of coupon tutorials have been helpful!  Click here to continue with day 3!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

10 Days to becoming a Krazy Coupon Lady- Day 2

Please CLICK HERE to continue with Lesson #2.

Upromise- College Savings & A Money Maker

Are you saving for education?  Upromise is a wonderful way to pad your own education fund or one that you are starting for a child or grandchild.  One of the great features of Upromise is the new Virtual Coupons.  The program is simple to sign up for and requires minimal time commitment!  Simply log on once a month, click the virtual coupons you want to activate (attach them to your Price Chopper or Hannaford card if in the Plattsburgh area) and shop.  You will not notice a change at the checkout, but the coupon amount will be deposited into your Upromise account when you buy the items you activated coupons for.  Most of the time I am getting the products for far less than the coupon amounts, so this is a great way to save and turn great deals into money makers! is just another great way to save!  Don't forget that you can link multiple family members to your savings accout.  My mom, husband, sister and I make purchases with our Advantage Cards and all of the $$ goes into one Uromise account for Emma!  This adds up fast.  There are many ways to build your account balance, but this is my favorite!!



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