Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freebies and Deals

CLICK HERE to visit Suave on Facebook for a FREE product coupon (First 200000). It's active and working well!

CLICK HERE to score a free Shout Sample or print a coupon for $$ off their new stain fighting product.

Thank you Money Saving Mom for sharing!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quibids- Penny Auction Fun

A few weeks ago I tried my hand at penny auctions.  I started with Bidrack because they give away free bids right and left.  They are slow as snails with shipping and customer service is interesting.  They are improving, but Quibids is the place to try this fun new concept.

How Does It Work?
  • First you buy a bidpack.  $27 for 45 Bids
  • There are many online coupon codes that will give you 3-5 bonus bids for signing up and buying a "Bid Pack"
  • Watch auctions, place bids, win
  • It really is entertaining and there are GREAT DEALS to be had if you have some self restraint and reasonable goals.
  • Each bid raises the "price" of the item by a penny.  Each bid essentially costs 60 cents to place, win or lose you lose the bids you use in the auction.
  • You can win 12 auctions in a month.
  • Auction end times are NOT like ebay.  It is like live auction- during the last 20 seconds of the auction the clock resents to allow for a "going once, going twice gone" effect.
Best Bang For The Buck
  • I am 2 weeks into participating in this site and have won a heap of stuff for minimal out of pocket costs.
  • My goal is to win Gift Cards: To Date ($15 Walmart with 10 Bid Credit Certificate for 1 penny plus Shipping= $2.00 oop and only used 1 of my original bids) ($100 in Lowes Cards for $8.00 OOP and 11 bids, I earned back another 50 bids with all of them) ($10 Target Gift Card for 2 cents= $2.02 OOP), Case of Golf Balls (1 cent plus $8 S&H, used 1 bid, retail value $60 and S&H from company is usually $14.99), Stainless Steel Kitchen Garbage Can with 20 bid voucher for 3cents, used only 1 bid to win ($75 value for $5.98 OOP). Children's High End V-Tech Computer Toy and 20 bids for 2 cents adn $7 S&H)
  • One friend joined using my link and I earned 25 more bids.  For a $27 investment we are reaping lots of rewards.
  • If you are interested in trying it out here is my link (I will earn more credits).
Gift Card Greatness:
  • When you participate in auctions and lose there is a pot of gold at the end of the losing rainbow.
  • One day I went a bit nuts trying to win a $25 lowes card.  I ended up placing 16 bids and not winning.
  • They offer a BUY IT NOW @ Full price offer to bidders that lose at the end of auctions.
  • I was able to purchase a the gift card at face value- $25 minus $9.60 credit from bids I used trying to win.
  • I did not lose because I still got the gift card.  It wasn't a "deal" but there was no loser either. 
How Can They Do This and Profit?
  • I only wish I had dreamed this up and owned the business.
  • They earn 60 cents for each bid purchased- for example They frequently auction Dyson Vacuums Cleaners that retail for $500 for around $50-$75.  If it sells for $50 they raked in $3000 from the bids used during the auction and rake in another $50 from the winner.
  • Last week they sold a Honda Civic for $1800 ish they collected 60c for each of the 180,000 bids placed ($108.000 collected just from bids used) and collected the $1800 from the winner.
  • It is easy to see how they can keep these great deals going with such high profit margins.
  • Set reasonable expectations and shop during nonpeak hours to rake in legendary deals.
  • I am now saving my cheap Lowe's Gift Cards for home improvement projects.
How Reliable is Quibids?
  • I am so impressed with order processing, timely email updates and lightening fast deliveries.
  • So far every Lowe's Gift Card I have won has arrived in my email inbox withing 4 hours of paying for the card I won.  I have redeemed a pile of them (They were an honest blessing when our sump pump and basement dewatering system was a giant fail last friday and left us in 3 inches of water).
  • Every other gift card has arrived in my physical mailbox within 72 hours.
  • I won the V-Tech Kids Laptop (the one I paid 3 pennies plus shipping for) Sunday night at 930 pm.  It arrived Tuesday before 10am. 
  • My neighbors sister won a Kindle e-reader for about $40, their supplier could not ship within 48 hours.  Guess what they did? They sent her a $200 Amazon gift card.  She got her Kindle and a pile of Christmas gifts and everyone was VERY HAPPY!
  • Their BBB scores and customer reviews are excellent.
If you throw yourself into trying to win a Dyson or Ipad for $50-$75 you can quickly blow through your bids and be left empty handed, but if you focus on winning giftcards to buy the things you are itching to get your hands on for pennies on the dollar you will win every time.  There is no lose in paying full price for a gift card.  90% of the time I have saved 90% or more on the gift cards I win.  If I have to pay full price for one here or there then I am still way ahead.

If you want to try it out please consider using my referral link HERE then share your link with friends and family members.  I cant wait to hear about the deals you score!

SC Johnson Right at Home Coupons

SC Johnson is offering a new Right At Home coupon pack via mail and many offers coupons, tips and recipes online.  CLICK HERE to request your pack today!

Kellogg's Coupons Are Back

Kellogg's has released another set of great cereal coupons.  CLICK HERE to print them while you can

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kodak Gallery Photo Magnet

Kodak Gallery is giving away FREE magnets ($1 only for S&H). CLICK HERE to create one today!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

SC Johnson- Might Make Spring Cleaning Joyful (HAAHAHAHAHa)

SC Johnson and Bzz Agent recently sent me a spring cleaning kit for review. 

There were many great products in the package.  I LOVE their new Shower Power Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner.  Spray the shower once every 4 days and voila- no soap or water spots.

I also love the Lemon Pledge spray.  I hate to dust but this made the task a bit easier to bear.  The smell of sprint was in the air. 

The array of Glade Spray and Candles were nice but a bit to fragrant for me, but my co-workers loved them.

I have a pile of coupons to share on a variety of SC Johnson cleaning products- let me know if you want a heap!

Disclosure- the kit was free but the opinions are honest and my own. 

Healthy Child Healthy World House Party

Sorry that this post was a post with no point- I didn't finish before saving and didn't schedule it far enough out.  Here it is updated and complete.

Last year I was lucky to get a kit for FREE. They have not started pushing for blogger buzz this year, but I have to share this deal while they are still well stocked with kits to purchase. Hands down this will be the best $20 you will spend this year if you like all natural, organic, and green things for your family. I was shocked when the big box arrived last year. Healthy Child Healthy World's goal is to promote saving the planet by educating moms about healthy snacks, people friendly cleaning products, and ways to reduce carbon footprints.

If you are joining me for Mom's Nite Out I will have my kit there to view. For a $20 (tax deductible) donation (limit one per household, with promise that you will host a "house party"- just plan a playdate and share with your friends) you can score your own kit.

The kit is out and the contents are amazing again!!

  • A Kleen Kanteen
  • Soy Baby Socks
  • Full Size Say Yes to Carrots Baby Bubble Bath
  • Organic Valley and Earth Bound Farm Organic Coupon Packs (20 of each)
  • All Natural Cleaners
  • Snacks and Goodies (Luna
  • Tons of other fun HIGH VALUE items to keep and share
  • The Kleen Kanteen is worth more than  $20 alone.
CLICK HERE to visit their site and order a kit if you want one.



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