Saturday, October 3, 2009

Price Chopper Best Chops 10/4-10/11/09

Front Page Deals:

Freihofer's Italiano Bread BOGO
Thomas' Eng. Muffins BOGO
PC Mexican Shredded Cheese BOGO
Lucky Charms, Resse's Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Honey Nut Cheerios BOGO
Cabot Sharp Cheddar Brick BOGO
Barilla Pasta 10/$10
Italian Bread 88c
Meat Specials
Carvemaster Boneless Ham BOGO
Hillshire Farm Smoked Links BOGO
Plumrose ham steaks BOGO
Bilinski's Chicken Sausage BOGO
Boneless Center Cust Pork Chops BOGO

Bananas 38c/lb

Breast Cancer (donation to Research for ea. purchased)
Progresso Soup 2/$3
Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1
BC Frosting $1.79
BC Brownies 2/$4
Chex Mix 2/$3
BC Au Gratin Potatoes 4/$5
BC Cookie Mix 3/$5
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2/$5
Multi Grain Cheerios 2/$5
Cheerios 2/$5
Nature Valley Granola Bars $3
BC Fruit Snacks $2.99 BOGO
PC Bread $1.28
PC Canned Broth 59c

Dairy Deals
Tropicana Juice $2.99
Sorrento Ricotta $2.99 BOGO
PC Half&Half $2
PC Sour Cream 99c
Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.99
Pede Cheese Ravioli BOGO
NY Garlic Bread BOGO

Coke 12 pk $4

** *Price Chopper coupons have been reset!***

Soft Soap- New Body Wash Serum

The Mail Man filled my box to the point it was going to burst today!  So many great free things!  2 cookbooks, a princess Fisher Price DVD, and a rather large BUZZ Agent Box.  I am running a product test for Soft Soap this week.  They were kind enough to send many coupons and generous sample sized bottles to share with 10 friends.  If anyone is interested in trying it out please email me and I will get a sample and/or coupon to you.  Soft soap is looking for feedback and I am glad to share the FREE samples.

I will post my 2 cents about this product at the end of the week, but would love to have feedback from other's to include!

CONTACT ME FOR A SAMPLE- Local residents only as I do not have time to ship the samples too far.  If you work at CVPH or SUNY I could drop them off on Monday:)

Rite Aid Deals 10/4-10/10/09

Scalpicin Anti-Itch Medicated Wipes (12ct) $4.49 – $4.49 SCR = FREE! $1 Printable ie link

Super Poligrip Powder (1.6oz) $2.99 – $2.99 SCR = FREE!  Poligrip printables

Ultra Strength Ben Gay $6.99 – $3 SCR – $2 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/4/09 inserts) = $1.99

Kotex 2/$5 – (2) $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 8/23/09 inserts) – $1/2 SCR = 2/$2

Kotex Pads $2/2 expires 11/29/09 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/4/09 SS#1 inserts)

Tide Stain Release $5.99 – $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 8/16/09 SS or 9/27/09 P&G inserts) – $1 SCR = $3.99

Johnson & Johnson Tiered SCR:
Purchase $25+ participating items, Receive $10 SCR
Purchase $20 participating items, Receive $8 SCR
Purchase $15 participating items, Receive $5 SCR

These participating items are on sale:

• Band Aids (Clear, Sheer, Flexible, Ultra, Antibiotic, Waterblock, Tough Strips, Sport or Kids, 8-80ct ) 2/$4,  Band-Aid 50¢ or $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 8/2/09 SS inserts)

• Benadryl $4.99, Benadryl $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 8/2/09 SS inserts),$1 Benadryl printable

• Children’s Motrin $4.99, Children’s Motrin $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/4/09 inserts)

• Children’s Tylenol $4.99, Children’s Tylenol $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/4/09 inserts)

• Clean & Clear Skin Care 2/$9, $2 clean & clear printable , Clean and Clear $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 8/2/09 inserts)

• Listerine Total Care, Advanced or Citrus (500ml) $3.99

• Neosporin $3.99

• Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush (2ct) $2.99, Reach $1 manufacturer coupon (from the10/4/09 RP)

• Reach Floss (30yards) $2.99, Reach Toothbrush or Reach Access Flosser or Dental Floss $1 manufacturer coupon (from the10/4/09 RP)

• Reach Total Care Toothbrush (1ct) $2.99, Reach Toothbrush B1G1 (value to $3.99) manufacturer coupon (from the 4/26/09 RP inserts)

Reach Toothbrush or Reach Access Flosser or Dental Floss $1 manufacturer coupon (from the10/4/09 RP)

• Sudafed $5.99

• Tylenol Adult Cold and Sinus Relief $4.99, Tylenol Cold $2 printable , Tylenol $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/4/09 RP inserts)

• Zyrtec $18.99 – $4 manufacturer coupon (from the 10/4/09 inserts), Zyrtec $3 expires 12/31/09

Zyrtec Tablets (14ct+) $2.50 manufacturer coupon (from the 9/13/09 RP #1 inserts)

• Tylenol (80-100ct) or St. Joseph’s Aspirin (180ct) or Motrin IB (100ct) $7.99 – $2 SCR = $5.99 Double Dip $1 printables ”

Deal #1 Idea:

(1) Scalpicin Anti-Itch Medicated Wipes (12ct) $4.49

(1) Super Poligrip Powder (1.6oz) $2.99

(1) Ultra Strength Ben Gay $6.99

(2) Kotex 2/$5

(1) Tide Stain Release $5.99

= $25.46

- $5/$25 printable

= $20.46- $6 manufacturer coupons

= $14.46 OOP

- $12.48 SCR (This will be refunded with October SCR)

= $1.98 total OOP after all rebates

The J&J can be mix and match. These are a few possibilities.
Possibility #1
(10) Reach Total Care Toothbrush (1ct) $2.99
= $29.99 total
- $5/$25 printable
= $24.99
- (5) B1G1 coupons
= $10.04
- (5) $1 manufacturer coupons
= $5.04 out of pocket at the store
- $10 SCR (back to you in October SCR)
= $4.96 profit!

Possibility #2
(13) Band Aids 2/$4
= $26
- $5/$25 printable
= $21
- $13 manufacturer coupons
= $8 OOP
- $10 SCR (back to you in october SCR)
= $2 profit!

Possibility #3
(6) Clean & Clear Skin Care 2/$9
= $27
- $5/$25 printable
= $22
- (6) $3 adperk coupons (no long available at adperk)
= $4
- (4) $1 manufacturer coupons
= $0.00  OOP
- $10 SCR (Back to you in SCR for October)
= $10 profit!

Keep in mind that you can only submit the J&J SCR ONCE, but you could do many purchases and give those rebates to a family member or friend to enter.

There are a few other good deals, but these were the best SCR wise!

Super Saturday Savings

Thank you Money Saving Mom for this great Snapple Link.  CLICK HERE to print your 55c coupon (don't forget to print it twice!) still has lots of great toy coupons- Perfect for Christmas shopping!!

Another Month Means even more printables and printable re-sets.  Here are some of my favorite at each site.

Smart Source (CLICK HERE)

  • $0.75/1 Duncan Hines Whole Grain Muffin Mix
  • $1.00/1 Bumble Bee Tuna Pouch
  • $1.00/1 Wholly Guacamole
  • $0.75/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Holiday Cookies
  • $1.00/3 Progresso Soups
Redplum: (CLICK HERE)
  • $1.00/4 Libby’s Vegetables
  • $1.50/2 Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats
  • $1.00/1 Del Monte Fruit Chillers
  • Various Other Del Monte Coupons (CLICK HERE)
  • $1.00/2lb Cheese
  • $1.00/1 Bagel Bites
  • $1.00/1 Welch’s Juice
  • $1.00/3 Bird’s Eye Freshlike Vegetables
  • $0.60/1 Bisquick
  • $1.00/1 Jergens Naturals Daily Moisturizer
  • $1.00/1 Lactaid Milk Product
  • $1.50/1 Pond’s Product
  • $0.50/1 Progresso Broth
  • $1.10/3 Progresso Soups
  • $1.00/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener

Friday, October 2, 2009

CLICK HERE to visit Money Saving Mom's coupon corner.  These are coupons plus extras, likt the $1 off Bumble Bee Tuna (it keeps resetting and some are peoprting 10 prints for this one)

Head over to they are featuring tons of high value toy coupons.
* Mr. Potato Head
*My Little Ponies
*Fisher Price

These will go fast!  Stock up for The holidays!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful It's Thursday

Burt's Bees is giving away free samples again.  CLICK HERE to register for your free "Natural" product! has re-set for the month and there are many wonderful new coupons (Progresso, Lactaid, Starbucks). CLICK HERE to take a peek.

Tomorrow's post will be full of added bells, whistles, and bargains.  Tonight I am just Thankful that it is Thursday. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rite Aid Re-Set

**Ad-perks** will re-set at midnight tonight!!!  You will need to earn 20 credits to print again, but there will be another $5/$20 coupon.  Remember to plan ahead and print many of these, yes it will be a huge batch, but these $5/$20 coupons are worth the paper and ink!!!

Don't forget Fall Extra Savings continues until 10/13.

This is a fantastic week for Rite Aid shopping!!!  Have fun watching the videos!

Massive Target Money Maker

SC Johnson has an amazing $$$ making rebate available.  This rebate can be claimed 3 times per household.  Buy any three SC Johnson products and submit your $5 rebate.  If you do this transaction three times, you will end up with 9 free candle tins and $15 in your pocket!  If you are lucky enough to still have buy one, get a free refill pack coupons this deal is even better!!! CLICK HERE TO get your rebate form.

The Following Brands Qualify
  • Drano
  • Fantastik
  • Glade
  • Nature’s Source
  • Off
  • Pledge
  • Raid
  • Saran
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Shout
  • Windex
  • Ziploc

Target has slashed the price on these oil candle holders to $1.50.  Most of the candle tins have a $1.50 coupon under the lid.  Pick one up, open it to sniff, and if you like it take the coupon out to redeem at the checkout.  Purchase 3   (well really take home 3 for FREE) and send in your rebate.  If you still have the B1G1 Refill pack coupons ($3.99 value), then you will be able to take home those for free as well.  Have fun!!

**Target Cashier Alert**  Yes this will sound backwards, but if you see a female cashier with a "job coach" run to the head of her line.  She is a delight and so is the job coach- and they are well versed in the coupon policy.  They even show the nasties how to adjust values of coupons.  Three cheers for Plattsburgh Target for being an equal opportunity employer.  Three cheers for this delightful cashier who delights in recalling and applying the corporate coupon policy!! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Box

Rent a movie for free at a redbox near you! These codes should still be valid:
Any Location: 9HB6MP22
McDonalds Location: SMR8DVD
One Time Use Codes: DVDONME or BREAKROOM
One Time Use at Walgreen’s Redbox: DVDATWAG

New to renting at Redbox?
It’s simple! All you do is find a Redbox near you. On the screen in the bottom corner you will see “Rent with Promo Code”. Select that, and then enter the code. Then select the movie, swipe your debit or credit card and you are good to go. Be sure to return the movie before 9pm the next day!

Sniffles and Technical Difficulty

Please dont be dissapointed with the Price Chopper Post.  I have had to retype twice and pieces keep not posting.  I will work on entering it right in via bogger, in between the sneezing and coughing:)  In the mean time here are some fun coupons and prodcuts to look at:

CLICK HERE to visit to peek at all of the great Target Bargains for this week!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Price Chopper 9/27/09

Front Page Deals
  • 5# White Potatoes BOGO (2/$2.99)
  • Sunshine Cheez-its, Keebler Cookies- $2
  • Pork Chops $1/#
  • Poland Spring 24 Packs 3.99
  • Apples 3lb bag- BOGO
  • European Seedless Cukes BOGO
  • Grape Tomatoes BOGO
  • White Mushrooms
Toufayan Pita- 5 packages for $5
PC Bread  1.28
Hunts Spaghetti Sauce $1
Motts Apple Juice $2
Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1
Bird's Eye Delux or Steamfresh Veggies
Suave Deodorant $2

Coupons & Your Last Will...(Hmmm Who will I leave my coupons too?)

CLICK HERE to visit All You.  There are several great new coupons today.  2 of these coupons and saving for a BOGO sale would be great!

If your alive to read this you dont need this yet, but someday you will and by then it will be too late.  Suzy Orman is offering a free legal will and trust kit.  FREE!! 9/27-10/2.  FREE- You fill in the simple forms, print, notarize and your loved ones are protected should the long sleep come sooner than later.
CLICK HERE to visit Suzy and use coupon code 898989 as the coupon code.  You will then be able to download the legal will and trust kit.  Enjoy!


Are you looking for a quick Halloween treat?  Burger King is selling coupon packs- 8 coupons for free fries.  Wendy's is selling a similar item.  Each of their packs contains 10 coupons for small frosty drinks.  The best part?  Each coupon book is only $1.  I think this an easy treat and I wouldnt mind having leftovers of either.



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