Saturday, October 3, 2009

Soft Soap- New Body Wash Serum

The Mail Man filled my box to the point it was going to burst today!  So many great free things!  2 cookbooks, a princess Fisher Price DVD, and a rather large BUZZ Agent Box.  I am running a product test for Soft Soap this week.  They were kind enough to send many coupons and generous sample sized bottles to share with 10 friends.  If anyone is interested in trying it out please email me and I will get a sample and/or coupon to you.  Soft soap is looking for feedback and I am glad to share the FREE samples.

I will post my 2 cents about this product at the end of the week, but would love to have feedback from other's to include!

CONTACT ME FOR A SAMPLE- Local residents only as I do not have time to ship the samples too far.  If you work at CVPH or SUNY I could drop them off on Monday:)

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