Sunday, September 6, 2009

Upromise- College Savings & A Money Maker

Are you saving for education?  Upromise is a wonderful way to pad your own education fund or one that you are starting for a child or grandchild.  One of the great features of Upromise is the new Virtual Coupons.  The program is simple to sign up for and requires minimal time commitment!  Simply log on once a month, click the virtual coupons you want to activate (attach them to your Price Chopper or Hannaford card if in the Plattsburgh area) and shop.  You will not notice a change at the checkout, but the coupon amount will be deposited into your Upromise account when you buy the items you activated coupons for.  Most of the time I am getting the products for far less than the coupon amounts, so this is a great way to save and turn great deals into money makers! is just another great way to save!  Don't forget that you can link multiple family members to your savings accout.  My mom, husband, sister and I make purchases with our Advantage Cards and all of the $$ goes into one Uromise account for Emma!  This adds up fast.  There are many ways to build your account balance, but this is my favorite!!

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