Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leap Frog

There are Crazy Good Leap Frog Coupons on a variety of great learning toys.  Check them out- they are ready just in time for holiday shopping!

Also here are some great Printable Leap Frog Coupons:

$5.00/1 - Leapster Learning Game - (coupons.com)

$10.00/1 - Leapster 2 Learning Game - (coupons.com)

$5.00/1 - Tag Junior - (leapfrog.com)
$3.00/1 - Various Leap Frog Toys -(leapfrog.com)
$10.00/1 - Tag Reading System - (leapfrog.com)
$5.00/1 - Tag Junior Book Pal- (leapfrog.com)

** These toys have been on sale and clearance lately at Target** Print as many of each as you think you will need now.  They will not be available for long!

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