Friday, September 11, 2009

Target- Policy Practice and a HUGE Sarcastic Rant

First I want to appologize to anyone who ended up behind me in line at Target today.  There were 2 (Two) cashiers this am- Shelly and someone with 4 people in line.  I picked Shelly figuring that atleast we would have a chance to see how well she knew the coupon policy.  NOT WELL, Target please make her get reading glasses.  She is quick to inform loyal customers that she cannot read small print and refuses to try to read the coupons and stated "I'm just a cashier."  Concession Stand Chris (I was incorrect with his name the other day-Concession Stand Craig does not exist- so sorry Chris.  I want to make sure you get credit where it is due!) was there and actually was snottier than he was the other day.  He actually tried to tell me one of my internet coupons looked like a photocopied manufacturer's coupon because it was not the same size as the Target Printables.  I am good with computers, but even I have yet to hear of anyone who can actually reproduce the Smartsource "security spot" and perfect the serial #.  Snot Head!!  Did I get an excessive amount of cereal? Yes- 7 big boxes and 15 General Mills cups (The Target coupons expire tomorrow- one last hurrah!).  They all scanned until #12.  Chris and Shelly did not seem to understand what "Get a Real Manager, Call Customer Care." meant.  Apparently they become aphasic from coupon shock (globally aphasic), aphasic with a touch of limb apraxia.  So I decided to "set up camp" and refused to move until they called a manager.  Thank you Asst. manager Kelsey for taking my coupons.  Thank you for being polite to me and even polite to your two sub-par employees in front of customers.  I hope that Shelly and Chris learn to read English soon and I really hope that Target gives employees a vision rider with their health insurance.  Please take advantage of that soon Shelly!  It would also be very nice if the two rocket scientists of the front end (Chris and Shelly) were educated a bit more about welfare benefits -vs- coupon use.  In my experience not too many people with NYS benefit cards come in armed with lots of coupons.  I would feel better if they did, then they would at least be streching their limited budget to get more for our tax $$s.  Do these two realize that the manufacturers pay you an additional 8c for every coupon?  Technically the average coupon adds 8c to every item they are used for.  That  is add, not subtract...Give to you, not Take from you!  It is not helpful to insult your customers when they try to use coupons.  Kelsey was very nice and helpful.  I hope that today's call to Target corporate (Thank you Heather) will lead to lessons in customer service.  Look to some of your best employees; People like Kristen, Sarah, Beth, Donnie, Anne, and Matt.  Employees who are friendly and kind.  Employees who appreciate customers and every cent they bring in.  Chris and Shelly need to learn that they are in a CUSTOMER SERVICE industry.  Thank you to all of the Target cashiers and managers that know their job and store policies.  Thank you to the employees who are helpful, friendly, and not snot heads.   Many people are looking to strech a buck.  I would love to walk out with a full cart for free, but that is never the case.  I am always finding a treasure for Emma, a card, a gift, a trinket that pushes my total up again.  Please continue to use your coupons and lots of them!!  When we all unite and demand better service that is what we will get.  I cannot decide if I want to bombard Shelly with coupons or avoid her like the plague- What do you think?  As for "Concession Stand Chris"  I hope Target Management tells him to stick with hotdogs and pop and leave guest relations to the pros!

Deals to be had:
  • If you have Hasbro Pictureka coupons left- there is a Halloween edition in the Halloween section for $9.99.  I think that $4.99 after  $5 coupon is a good deal for a holiday party treat.
  • Toy clearance is still bleak, but there were some neat floor puzzles on an end cap near the bikes for 70c-$1.75.
  • No cheap, but 50% off none the less.  The furniture section has tons of great clearance.  I scored a purple arm chair for Emma's playroom.  $34.95 was great compared to $79.99!  Oh so cute!

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