Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Great Target Debacle

Wednesday night was filled with family, friends, and a great trip to Plattsburgh Target.  First I want to thank our friendly checker Donnie.  He was cheerful, was efficient, and he knows the Target coupon policy in and out.  All was fine- my coupons were scanning with speed and good accuracy.  Then "Concession Stand Craig" got involved.  He apparently did not have enough work to keep him busy.  He approached our lane to tell Donnie that I could only use one target coupon per day.  Thank you Donnie for knowing your store policy, being coupon friendly, and for standing up for your customer.  I am sure it was not easy for him to hear the "team leader" approach a customer, make snotty comments, and tell him how he should do your job incorrectly.  Donnie was professional and provided exceptional customer service.  If you see "Craig" (Glasses, shortish buzzed hair, snotty attitude, full of wize cracks) go to another lane.  Threaten the customer service hotline and stomp your feet until he takes your coupons!!!  I have been assured by corporate guest relations that the problem will be addressed.  Ladies of Plattsburgh Unite- I challenge all of you to go to Target armed with 20 store coupons for General Mills Cereal (the single serve are free).  Load your cart with no less than 20 items and give your checker the 20 Target store coupons.  Practice makes perfect- hopefully the practice we provide will cement the policy in every trouble making, snooty, anti-coupon Target employee left. 

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