Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Price Chopper Poster- No Free Item Internet Coupons

The Plattsburgh NY Price Chopper has a huge poster that says "No Free Items With Internet Coupons".  Here is the scoop.  There are several "free product" coupons posted on hotcouponworld and afullcup- free Downey, Free Water, Free Medication.  These coupons are not valid coupons.  They do not have bar codes.  Price Chopper apparently accepted a few of them and will not take printed coupons that state "FREE_________" (ie; Downey, Tylenol).  In general I think these coupons look fraudulent and are easy to spot.  You can still get items for free when using coupons, but you cant use printable coupons that say "Free".

Some Examples

Colgate Toothpaste is on sale for $2 a tube, use a $1 printable that doubles to take $2 off of the total.  The toothpaste will be free, but the coupon specified a $ amount off, not a free product.

They will continue to take regular manufacturer coupons for FREE items.

For Example:
The Free 2oz Glade Candle Coupon from August's Red Plum
Vocalpoint coupons for Free Items
Kraft "First Taste" free item coupons.

In general these free product coupons are printed on high gloss paper and have scannable bar codes. 

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