Monday, September 14, 2009

Free DVDs, CDs and Books

Do you have a shelves full of books, CDs or DVDs collecting dust?  Over the years we have accumulated tons of all three.  Wouldn't it be fun if you could swap books you will never read again, DVDs that you have not watched in years, and CDs you have burned/uploaded/downloaded/added to your MP3 player for something new?

Welcome to the world of Paperback Swap, Swap A CD, and Swap A DVD.  The concept is great and the cost is minimal. 

Here is the link for Paperback Swap (CLICK HERE).  There are links to the other 2 sites at the top of the Paperback Swap page.  When you sign up and add 10 books to swap you will get 2 free credits.  You only pay $ when someone requests a book from you.  It is simple!  List your books and when someone requests a book you pay postage to ship it to them.  When you purchase and print shipping and delivery confirmation via their site you get instant credit.  The max. shipping cost I have paid is $2.80.  This is so much less than the average DVD, CD, or Book I would buy in a store.  If you cannot find a book, dvd, or cd that you want add it to your Wish List.  All 3 sites will add you to a waiting list and if/when the wished for item is posted it goes to the person listed #1 in the que. 

You can add $ to an online account via paypal or credit card to cover your postage costs.  Instead of spending $ on shipping supplies I pick up stacks of waterproof Priority and Express Mailing bags at the Post Office.  I turn them inside out, wrap, tape, and pop them into the mailbox.  You can request these for free from the USPS web site and the post man or woman will deliver them to you free of charge. 

The only negative thing I have found is that the 3 Swap sites are separate and not integrated, so I have to add postage $$ to each account.  It is easy, but is an added step I wish I didn't have to take.

The DVD and CD site offer free credits for registering and listing items that you want to swap too.

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