Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Target: Bring The Coupon Policy & Customer Service Phone #

I knew I would be in for it when I walked in the door- Shelly looked at me with a blank stare and I tried to kill her with kindness " So good to see you!" (Or Not so much)...  You know your in for it when all of the cashiers are discussing the new coupon policies and matching your coupons to your items from the start.  I faired well with the exception of the trial sized crystal light.  The computer beeped, the cashier refused to take it and I didnt have time to wait for customer service.  I let her dig through my 8 bags to take the 4 items out (since 12 single serve packs for $3.96 is no deal, free would be a great deal).  Customer service is not quick- I was on the cell phone from the Target parking lot to my front door.  Was there resolution?  Yes.  Will I get an "I'm sorry for the trouble" gift, Yes.  Am I enjoying Target a little less? Yes.  I am trying to plan my trips a bit better to allow for "Fussing Time", but I would really just as soon not fuss and leave with a deal and a smile.  What have your experiences been like?  Any one else had a run in with a ding dong?  Since Walmart is no fuss with the coupons I am likely going to start taking my overage coupons there. 

Deal Alert:  The entire Summer/Out door section was marked down again today and $100 patio furniture was flying out for less than $20.  There were plenty of cheap bug spray and fun outdoor goodies when I left.  If you need gardening supplies Target is the place to go.

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