Friday, September 25, 2009

100% Off Clearance Sale- Printable Coupons

This topic is covered in many of my posts, but today I am going to link you to my favorite sources of coupons and talk about how to max. out your savings with them.

Coupons are a wonderful thing and locally we have 3 (soon 4- Walgreen's cannot open fast enoug) coupons friendly stores.  Target, Rite Aid, and Price Chopper are very good at allowing customers to max. savings with coupons.  Walmart is good too, but I hate everything about Walmart, so the potential savings high is ruined by my own negative feelings about the place.  I do go in, but maybe 4 times a year AT MOST.  If you love Walmart there are deals to be had, but for the most part I will not be sharing Walmart shopping tips.

Coupons alone will only get you so far.  The secret to getting free product involves three things;
  1. Finding a Sale
  2. Locating a Coupon for the Sale Item
  3. Setting a Max. Out of Pocket price for items you use.
I have #1 covered for you.  If there is a good deal on something I will tell you about it.  I also post links that will help you accomplish #2.

My favorite places to find printable coupons:
If the above source asks for a zip code, dont hesitate to change the zip code to search for deals.  You can search different areas of the country.  High cost of living areas have better, more, and higher value coupons (90210- Beverly Hills, 14362, 33986- and many others often have great coupons that 12901 does not). 

#3 is very subjective and everyone needs to set their own "to buy or not to buy" price.  I will not pay more than:
  • 99c for a box of cereal
  • 25c for spaghetti sauce
  • 50c for any kind of cleaner
  • $1 a bottle for name brand laundry soap (All or Tide)
  • 50c cake mix
  • 25c brownie mixes
I refuse to pay anything for:
  • Pasta
  • Envelopes
  • Razors
  • Shaving Cream
  • Condiments
How can I get away with this?
  •  Buy Items when the price is rock bottom and buy lots of it.  ( I have been known to bring home 32 boxes of cereal in a week when it is free.  I have been known to buy 20 boxes of pasta when it is free.)
  • I organize my lists and coupons before shopping.
  • I avoid shopping right after work.  When I am tired and stressed I do not save as much.  I throw things like full priced cookies and junk food in the cart and I buy too many things that do not have a coupon).
  • I rarely buy generic or store brands unless they are on sale.  I can get name brand, high end for much cheaper with a coupon.  This was not as easy before the advent of the internet coupon, but now it is reality!
Explore the world of Internet coupons and you will be happy that you took the small amount of time it requires. 

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