Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FreezCube- A Neat Concept (My 2 Cents)

Tonight I actually read my Bed, Bath & Beyond monthly email.  They are featuring products to make your freezers more efficient and safe.  Most of it looks great, but is not practical.  I belong to the school of "Pack it in, Shove It In" and have no interest in organizing my freezer in a neater fashion that my sock drawer.  However this dandy caught my attention and I have a feeling I will be buying a few as soon as I can get my hands on more $5 off coupons.  Since they no longer honor them past the expiration date, my supply has dwindled.  Does anyone own a FreezCube?  Apparently the liquids melt at different temps and the thing will set off an alarm if the freezer temp drops.  I have often worried about my freezer stockpiles.  The last time my mother in law came over (Hello Cathy- I love you! You can do it again anytime!) she did some ironing.  Anyone who knows me, knows this is the only way anyone in my house is getting anything neatly pressed.  I dont do it! I refuse.  My grandmother is flopping in her grave as I type this.  She ironed everything (bedsheets, Levi's Jeans, Washcloths-EVERYTHING).  I think I was too mortified to go to high school one day with creases running up the legs of my rolled up at the ankle Levi's.  Thus I boycott the whole thing.  Anyway's back to the point of this whole Product Highlight.  Cathy unplugged my freezer to plug in my iron and never plugged it back in, luckily Randy caught the whole disaster waiting to happen when he ran down to fetch me something.  We have a freezer in the garage and basement and I don't venture near them everyday.  A "disaster alarm" is a great idea and will make me feel a little better about never having to worry about freezer failure or power outage temp drops.  Now the neighbors might wonder what is going on if the freezer in the garage sets of a loud blare, but my food will be safe, and hopefully crisis will be averted.  These Retail for $19.99.  I am giving you my 2 cents tonight, but I am going to inquire about a product sample! 

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