Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Canvas People

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my FREE canvas 8x10.  I have read about Canvas Wraps, but had never seen one in person- I am in love and will be spending a bunch of $$ transforming a wall in my living room.  The 8x10 is great, but I am dying to get my hands on a large one.  The shipping was very reasonable (less than $13) and you can order them as gifts at the intro price.  My mother and mother in law will be getting their "gifts" soon, but have been warned that they are re-gifting them to me (and told not to get attached). 
**Did you know that the FCC is regulating Blogs now? So in the spirit of "full disclosure"- This review is my 2 cents, nothing more or less. I have not been furnished with anything for free (well I took advantage of the FREE 8x10), but that is available to EVERYONE.  On that note, I would gladly take a bunch of free product.  As always I will continue to let you know if my reviews are sparked by getting something for free (furnished to me for a review) or if my review is sparked by my love for a product.***

CLICK HERE to visit The Canvas People.


Anonymous said...

Leave a comment to enter the contest! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I got my 8X10 and it is very nice. I do wish that I had spent the extra money and got the 11X14 though.

Anonymous said...

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