Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rite Aid-Gift of Savings Promotion

Gift Of Savings:  Rite Aid's Gift of Savings starts again Tomorrow 11/22 and runs until 12/24/09.  If you reach the highest reward the gift certificate will ship within days of offer completion.

This is an amazing program.  Here are the Reward Levels:
  • Spend $25-$50 get a $5 Rite Aid Gift Certificate
  • Spend $50.01-$100 get a $10 Rite Aid Gift Certificate
  • Spend $100.01 or more get a $20 Rite Aid Gift Certificate
** "Spend" isn't really the right word- subtract the word Spend and Add the words "Take $___ worth of merchandise home and earn _____."

The Totals are based on register totals before coupons (ALL coupons).  It will be VERY easy to spend $20-$30 out of pocket to earn the $20 Gift Certificate.  If you are registered for Single Check Rebates and are entering your receipts online you are automatically enrolled in the Gift of Savings Program.  Make sure to enter ALL of your receipts- every cent you spend counts.

For example: Buy a cart full of Hocus Pocus totalling $35.  Use a $5/$20 adperks coupon, $20 worth of Manufacturer's coupons and $5 worth of Rite Aid Sale Paper coupons- pay $5 out of pocket.  They will credit you the full $35 towards the Gift of Savings Program.  Enter every receipt you get- even if there are no SCR items in the transaction.

Have Fun with this one- I made out like a bandit in October!!

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