Monday, December 14, 2009


CLICK HERE to visit HouseParty. If you love to try new things and entertain, Houseparty will be your best friend. Houseparty markets and coordinates product promotions and "Try Me" experiences for major national brands.

Houseparty membership is free and you choose which parties interest you. Once you find a party you would like to host, apply to host the event, and wait for approval. You can increase your odds of earning a host spot by visiting the Houseparty site often. I apply for every party I see that is of interest. Host selection is based on your application and your profile.

In order to keep your "House Party Host Pact" you will need to be able to post photos of your party, fill out a post party survey, and be active with posting comments to your personal party web site. Their personalized party pages are set up for you and they are simple to use.

Here are some of my favorite houseparties from the past year (with some product details)-These parties have already taken place or are no longer accepting applications.
  • Lunchables (back to school) Party. Free lunchables, laminated activity place mats, coupons for all of the guests.
  • Windows 7 Launch Party. FREE Signature Ultimate package one month before world wide launch, tote bags and discount coupons, free computer security software. (over $500 in free products)
  • Wii Fun, Fit, and Guilt Free Houseparty ( FREE Jenny McCarthy "Your Shape" bundle, Wii "Just Dance" game, Jello Mousse Snacks ( FREE for Party) and many Jello and Wii party favors (including high value coupons, exercise head bands). CLICK HERE to visit my party page for more info.

Parties in the future (Accepting Applications)

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