Saturday, December 19, 2009

Still alive, but treading water.

I am still alive, but will be taking a tiny break over the next week. There are no scheduled Sunday coupon inserts tomorrow. I hope everyone has finished shopping and can enoy a relazing holiday with friends and family.

We are recovering from a broken pipe disaster in the basement and the death of our beloved pug Taz. We are so thankful to The Green Mountain Pug Rescue for saving him from a terrible home. Taz was a puppy mill boy and had a rough start in life. He was blind as a bat, but full of love. We were so blessed to have him with us for 16 months. We hold the pug rescue (Karen, Judy, Claudette, and Lil- to name a few) close to our hearts. They look at their tiny angels and see them for all their puggy goodness. They work non-stop to give their pugs a second chance at life.

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