Friday, December 11, 2009

Target- FREE Batteries! My Gift To YOU!!

Rayovac is not a battery company that I knew well until I started shopping at Target.  They are ALWAYS in the $1 backets near the entrance. They are $1- all of the time (AAA and AA 2 packs).  I have never had an issue with their coupons- EVER!  The coupons match up with the Rayovac BLUE packages (Not the Red). 

  • CLICK HERE to visit the Rayovac website. 
  • Click on "enter # for BONUS Coupon".
  • Enter 74016761 (Do NOT try to copy and paste- it will not work)
  • Click Print
  • The Print Box will open (Increase the # to Print) to what ever you want.  I just printed 50 copies.
  • They don't expire until March of 2010 so print more than you think you could ever possibly need!
  • How many endless play cycles of Wii do you think we can all get from this coupon?
As always with an amazing deal- I say Run, Rush and Hurry.  This may disappear at any moment.  Target can limit coupon use to "average" household per trip, but I would think you could easily toss 6 packs in your cart per trip.  That seems to be the magic # coast to coast.  I say go at night when the college kids are running the ship and fill your cart! 

MANY THANKS to Rayovac and Deal Seeking Mom for sharing this great deal!

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