Saturday, December 5, 2009


Target released a new Target Printable Coupon page on their site. I have already been linking to it for you. But, there are a few changes for you as a couponer and blog reader that I wanted to share.

I have often blogged about the Target Coupon Generators and have linked to them about a million times. With the new Target Printable Coupon page, you will no longer be able to print printable store coupons anywhere but the Target site.

With this new change, you will also be restricted to using two coupons. So, it will be much like the Printable Coupon Sites where you can only print two coupons per IP address. The expiration of the coupons aren’t known until you print the coupon, which is much like a rolling Bricks or Printable coupon too.

You can read the Printable Coupons FAQ on for more information. The good news in all of this…you can still STACK Target Printable coupons with manufacturer’s coupons to save even more!

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