Friday, January 1, 2010

Homeowner's Insurance (Or Renter's Insurance)

I just read the front page of the paper and was delighted that at least one local family was fully insured after a total loss fire. Insurance cannot protect us from devastation and loss, but it can help rebuild and move forward. Have you looked at your policy lately?

Two weeks ago we had a septic/sewage nightmare! Emma was flushing small dinosaurs and other treasures. We do not have town or municipal sewage (this was a shock to the insurance company phone rep.)A simple plumbing issue turned into near disaster. The water and yuck literally stopped within inches of my daughter's Christmas Gifts. Divine intervention- I am convinced! I would have needed a trip to a padded room if the Zhu Zhu pets had been scrapped.

Here is the moral of the story- Make sure your policy covers "Replacement" of contents. I am an insurance bug and have always made sure that we have more coverage than we need. I cannot sing enough praise for Traveller's Insurance! From local agents (Chris and Michelle Rowell and Sara!), local adjusters (Trish- thank you for freezing with me while we inventoried contents), and Corporate Traveller's( for calling to poll our satisfaction).

The new year is a perfect time to check your coverage to make sure it will cover your needs if you find yourself in a "crappy" situation (Pun Intended). We pay a reasonable premium for a low deductible, but it was 100% worth it. Traveller's was there when we needed them- no fuss, timely service, and with exceptional customer service. Again just my 2 cents, but food for thought.

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