Friday, February 5, 2010

Walgreens Grand Opening

Ok- Coupon matchups are coming, but Walgreen's decided not to put out their sale paper or Feb. coupon packs. They do have some opening specials and I will outline some deals in this post, but I just cant tease you all with coupons you cannot get your hands on. The Pharmacy Staff reports that they will have the children's activity books (with hot Huggies coupons) monday. The Front end staff says they expect the feb. coupon packs to be on the shelves by Tuesday. They will put out weekly sale papers Sunday. You are guaranteed to find the sale paper in the Troy REcord and Albany Times union- I am buying multiples to get the P&G savings pack. Save the P&G pack for Rite Aid ($100 worth of product=$35 RA Gift Card, with BOGO coupons this will be super!!).

Coupon Policy
  • Stack 1 Wags Coupon and 1 Manufacturer coupon per item.
  • Max. Coupon rule. The computer will only take a certain # of coupons per order. If you stack 2 coupons per item, redeem register rewards, and add bonus store coupons this gets tricky. Lets say you buy 10 items...You can only give them 20 coupons...10 Wags coupons and 10 manufacturer coupons. (You do not have to give them multiple Wags coupons on same items, ie; use 1 coupon for 39c Candy, buy 4, the register will multiply the coupon x4). If you have RRs and want to pay with those you will need to add filler items. So you could add a few 10c items or 25c packs of gum. Then pay with your RRs or additional coupons.
  • Always check near the beauty counter for extra coupons.
  • RRs print out at the end of the transaction. Tonight I am going back to complete 2 deals and will have 2 transactions. I am going to buy 2 HUGE bags of Hershey miniatures (2/$10). I am going to use the $1 off feb coupon (sorry I dont have enough to share) and the $2/2 coupon from Last Sunday's insert. I will pay $7 OOP, but I will get a $5 RR= $1/HUGE BAG! I am going to use that RR to help pay for my second transaction. I am going to buy $20 worth of pepsico products (Doritos $2, use $1 couponx2= $4-2=$2OOP/$4 to RR, 3 12 pk pepsi/ $12= $12OOP& to $16 to RR, 4 2l Pepsi $5, use 4- 25C coupons= $3OOP/$21 to RR. After coupons this will cost me $17 OOP-$5 RR from 1st transaction= $12.00 OOP and I will get $10 in RR). Here is the trick I could do these both over and over, but you can never earn the same RR again if you pay with the RR you earned during the same deal. So buy candy and use it to buy PEPSI, Buy more Pepsi and use RR to pay for Candy. As long as you use your RR to pay for transactions that get OTHER deals you can wrap them over and over. You cannot buy $20 in Pepsi, pay with a RR from an earlier Pepsi and get another Pepsi RR.

I know it is more confusing than Rite Aid, but the kickbacks are instant. they are not in form of liquid cash, but if you play the weekly RR game with coupons you will be rewarded lavishly!!

Who wants to meet for a cadyville coupon clipper shopping trip? I am going later tonight and this is always much more fun in a group.

Remember- this is a new store with new employees and we get much farther by being friendly with our coupons than by being nuts! They were well staffed and service with a smile. I have never had a problem with Wags with a coupon. Drop me a line if you want to meet up for coupon sharing and deal hunting!!

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