Saturday, February 6, 2010

Walgreen's- Wait Until Next Week

If you want to go to Walgreen's to wander and look- today may be a good day, but if you are looking to save big and get the deals of the week EASILY and in a SHORT AMOUNT of TIME- WAIT until at least tomorrow.

First let me say this- even though my Friday trip was LONG and THE CHECKOUT took FOREVER- It was all with a smile. Cashiers and Mgmt bent over backwards to price adjust, match sales to the penny and make sure RRS were printing like they should. The great news was that all of the national RRs seem to be working hastle free.

The sale paper that expires today was a nightmare, The coupons and deals were not programmed into their system. I cannot blame them- with only 48 hours, no local paper ad distribution and no papers in the store, I was the only fruit loop thus far to come armed with my own. The prices on the shelves are the ones that will ring up. They will bend over backwards to fix errors that YOU FIND, but it is a time consuming process. If there is a line of 12 people behind you- this will burst the coupon high bubble.

Remember there are bound to be issues, but small talk and smiles turn you into a favored customer. The cashiers will start to associate you with "The Nice Lady with all of the coupons that was so pleasant and waited so long". Be patient. Give Compliments. These new associates will learn that coupon users are friendly and they will continue to work with us, not against us. They also took my oreo coupon with no hastle (Free Oreos).

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