Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coupon Clipper Cheer- A Cashier in Need.

Today I am going to turn an old rant into a rave and ask for a favor. Both of our local Rite Aid stores have made leaps in bounds in the past 12 months when it comes to their customer service and coupon friendliness. I have ranted about Lorrie at the Rt 3 location several times, but she really is the most improved cashier I have ever known. She really has been very helpful and coupon user friendly over the past few months. She is usually there M-F during the day. Today she shared that she is struggling after the sudden passing of her husband. I was shocked and am hoping that in the coming weeks we can all lift her spirits a bit. My game plan is to give her a card with a gift card (I am thinking Panera for something fun and Price Chopper for something practical). Please let her know she is in your thoughts and prayers too- she saves me time, money, and has made the Plattsburgh Rt 3 store a fun place to shop.

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