Sunday, April 18, 2010

Silent Scissors

In Memory of John Coryea
Today starts of week of silence here. Yesterday John passed away in a tragic accident. This week will be a week to remember an amazing husband (of Kristina- delightful crazy coupon lady), father (The light of his life- Emma Grace), son, friend, co-worker, and giver of time and talent to many great community organizations. When I think of John I think of laughter, fun, and adventure. I will miss being teased during coupon swaps or after coupon shopping adventures I shared with Kristina.
I will resume posting next Sunday. My first post will be a post with a purpose. Get ready to go on a coupon shopping adventure. I am planning a scavanger hunt/shopping trip with one goal in mind; To fill Kristina's pantry. Additional info to follow.
Along the shore I spy a ship
As he sets out to sea;
He spreads his sails and sniffs the breeze
And slips away from me.
I watch his fading image shrink,
As he moves on and on,
Until at last he's but a speck,
Then someone says, He's gone.
Gone where?
Gone only from our sight
And from our farewell cries;
That ship will somewhere reappear
To other eager eyes.
Beyond the dim horizon's rim
Resound the welcome drums,
And while we're crying,
There he goes!
They're shouting,
Here he comes!
We're built to cruise for but a while
Upon this trackless sea
Until one day we sail away Into infinity.
We love You Kristina and Emma!
R.I.P. John- You are greatly missed!

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