Monday, May 3, 2010

Couponing For The Community- For The Coryea Family

One of the biggest benefits of using coupons to get free and really cheap stuff is that I can stretch my budget and give generously to others without breaking the bank. I get to give our stockpile away to those in need. I am often amazed at the generosity of couponers who are out hitting the stores with their coupons just so that they can make donations to their local church, animal shelter, hospital, homeless, veteran or animal shelter, schools and even to our troops overseas. Couponers are an incredibly generous group of people!
Kaley over at Cha Ching on a Shoestring has organized a "Couponing for Community" event this week, May 2 - 8 which challenges people across the country to give a part of their stockpile away to a homeless shelter, food pantry, or a friend in need. In fact, you can RSVP to the event Couponing for Community that Kaley has organized on Facebook. You are also invited to share comments or pictures of the items you are giving away! This is a great opportunity to go through your stash and find stuff that you may not use before its expiration or to just make room for more of your great deals!
Who am I supporting? One of my favorite Crazy Coupon Ladies- Kristina Coryea. This week I was able to use a generous gift from one of my sponsors to score some great pantry shelving for Kristina and Emma. My hope is that we can turn their basement into a wonderful pantry and give her space to stockpile and not worry about storage. Kristina has been couponing with me for over a year. Her generosity with donating free items to our CVPH residents and to the local food shelf convey her dedication to helping people in our community. I firmly believe that "you get what you give" and our community is certainly repaying her family for all of the wonderful contributions that John and Kristina have made in our community.
How can you help? Watch for some fun announcements coming Friday for a coupon party with a cause (and scads of free things and contests for participants) to benefit Emma and Kristina. Want to help before then? Check out Price Chopper's Mother's Day contest on Facebook. Leave a comment of love and support for Kristina's nomination. I know that we can shower votes upon her and make her mother's day a good one!! CLICK HERE to visit her nomination!

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