Thursday, June 3, 2010

Free for Trial or Cheaper for Full- a very good question!

Click on the “Like” button on the Tresemme Facebook Page  CLICK HERE and you’ll be able to print a coupon for $1/1 any Tresemme product.

Target carries travel-sized bottles of Tresemme hairspray for $1 making them free after this coupon.  People often ask me why I advocate for bringing home free trial sized products.  Why would I not hold onto the coupon and bring home a cheap full sized product? The answer is simple- It's free and it does not get any better than that. 

For Example:
  • Use this coupon to bring 2 small travel sized products home for free.  Full size would run me at least $2.99 after coupons.
  • All Laundry detergent is always at least $3.99 a bottle- rock bottom price after coupons and a sale. I can score 3 load trial sized bottles all day and night at Target for FREE.  Watch ebay for these great $1 off coupons. I just paid $1.02 for 60 of these.  That knocks the price point down to $0.006 cents per load- pretty much FREE. 
  • Shout stain fighter and Nexcare bandages always have $1 coupons and are priced at $1 exactly.  Unless the coupon says "no trial size" or specifies a size you can use it on trial size! 

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