Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Great Gift For Your Daughter and Yourself!

I blogged about this book a few weeks ago, but having a copy in my hands really has me excited.  This is the most wonderful journaling book I have ever found!  The paper quality is amazing and the book is super easy to keep up with.  It is never to early to start journaling for your little one.  I know that my daughter will treasure this in years to come.  It is very reasonable $12 on amazon and the author will appear Saturday 6/5 at noon on QVC. I can't imagine the deals they will offer.  I will be watching and I am sure I will hear "Hello Mrs. C can we send this to your home address and will you be using your Visa- Yes and Yes?
CLICK HERE to visit Amazon.

CLICK HERE to visit The Miracle Project for more amazing info on this wonderful Author and human being! Many thanks to you for all you do!!

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