Friday, June 11, 2010

How Can You Have Your Own "Coupon Clipper Workshop?

Tonight was a great night for coupon shopping!!  It was extra exciting to meet up with several new "clippers" that I was lucky enough to meet Tuesday night at the Cornell Co-Op Workshop.  It was great to see new Rite Aid shoppers putting the knowledge they learned at a workshop to good use.  It was also fun to trouble shoot and answer questions.  And then there was coupon sharing! My heart skipped a beat!  That is truly the spirit of this I love- working together to SHARE and benefit our friends, neighbors, and community.

Tonight I was asked if I do workshops all of the time or just for special occasions.  This blogging adventure and the coupon workshops I have done to date are "Just for Fun".  I do collect a fee for holding them and have no intention of charging for them.  Maybe I will re-think that in the future but for now, this is a hobby. 
  • I can arrange a workshop for your community group or organization.
  • Sometimes I do raffle off a large basket of goodies for a donation ($2-$5) with the revenue or a % of the collection going to a charity or organization (usually the host group or charity of choice for the host).
  • I DO NOT do personal shopping (and will not consider it) but you are more than welcome to come shopping with me and my coupon clipping friends. 
  • I would be glad to answer ?s via email or on facebook ANYTIME!


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