Thursday, June 10, 2010

Proportions Dog Food Trial- Free ; GOOD WHILE IT LASTED

You can get a free Proportions Meal Kit for dogs right now. It is custom blended dog food and looks like a fantastic deal.

This kit contains three different samples and retails for $5. However, go here and enter your dog’s information and then use coupon code SCPR1000 and you’ll get a $5 credit which makes it completely free — including shipping! You will not even need to provide payment info.  Enter the code and the payment info boxes disappear.  I just ordered mine and am sure the pugaroos will love it!

Thank you Proportions for this offer- it was a good one while it lasted!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone - thanks for your interest in Proportions...this code was intended for a small group of our initial customers and is NOT VALID beyond that group.

The code has been shut off this morning and will no longer work.

We would love for you to try a custom sample of our whole food canine nutrition program for $5, which includes 2 meals & shipping anywhere in the USA. Go to & click "GET STARTED" to create your dog's meal.

Apologies in advance for any confusion.

The Proportions Team.



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