Friday, July 9, 2010

Shout Out To Shari @ Target and an answer to "Where are you coupon clipper?"

Today is a great day!  I did plan on taking a few days off and knew I would be in vacation mode last weekend but I did not intend to be MIA until today.  The week began with the "great wallet" hunt.  Never a fun task.  Never ever ever a fun task during a heat wave.  We came to the conclusion that we much have somehow thrown it out.  I started the miserable task of "rebuilding" my wallet on Wednesday.  Then last night a miracle occurred.  While Checking out at Target one of my favorite managers Shari bounced over to say "Are you missing something?" I nearly fainted! Thank you Shari for finding the wallet and tracking me down.  Palm Pilot, gift cards, EVERYTHING intact. 

If you do not shop at Target- you should.  From Preston in the Pharmacy to Shari Managing the front end and customer service I feel like I am a valued customer.  They make my shopping trips pleasant.  Take care of my health.  And restore my faith in the fact that good people exist in the world! 

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