Monday, August 2, 2010

$10 Rebate- This one Rocks!

CLICK HERE to download a great new $10 rebate form.

Purchase $30 worth of the following: (Price before coupons)
  • Pantene Pro-V
  • Venus
  • Secret
  • Olay
  • Covergirl
You can mix and match any combination of these products over multiple transactions.

I already have enough to submit and this one will be easy to complete multiple times with a very low (if any) out of pocket cost. 

There is a limit of 1 per person, 1 per address and one per envelope.  Since I will pay little out of pocket for $30 worth of products I will gift people I know with a rebate check to use as they wish.  If I were to submit a rebate in my name and have it sent to my in-laws- they consider it fraud.  They would likely void all of the rebates submitted in my name.  I am sure my mother in law, mother and aunts will be thrilled to get a $10 check.  Who will you bless with your rebate credits?

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