Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tiny Prints- 3 Free Cards and A Wonderful Card Organizer!

If you know me you know I stink at remembering when to send cards.  I usually remember to buy them but it may be a while before I locate it and send it.  I really think this program will help me.  I just scheduled a years worth of cards. 
Tiny Prints has recently introduced a new greeting card membership program that helps you remember to mail out cards to family and friends throughout the year.  Simply schedule all your cards at one time and they will be mailed out at the appropriate time. To let you try out the program, you get the first year’s membership fee for FREE, you can order 3 FREE cards (stamps included).

Register for 1 of 3 plans:
  • Super Spender: $1.99/card and $16.99 annual fee (waived the first year) + 3 FREE cards
  • Savvy Spending: $2.99/card and $5.99 annual fee (waived the first year) + 3 FREE cards
  • Pay as You Go: $3.99/card and $0 annual fee
Choose and personalize your cards

Schedule them to be sent – you can send them to yourself or have them mailed directly to the recipient.  I chose mail directly to recipient.  I am sure my mother is smiling and clapping at this moment.  Cards on time from me will be nothing short of a miracle:)

Since the first year is FREE- take advantage of the Super Spender and pay only $1.99 per card after your first 3 for FREE!
Tiny Prints recently sent me product samples and the quality was excellent!
CLICK HERE to check out the complete product line or to take advantage of this great no strings, FREE program.

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