Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hexbug Party- Contest!

Do you have a bug lover at home? I do and these are a mom's dream come true.  Little bugs that satisfy the critter lover in ever child.  Without the worry of infestation and uncontrolled breeding in your house.  No worries of having to spend a small fortune on the orkin man when the ant farm tips. 

The Kind Folks at Hexbug sent 2 large boxes of fun to my house.  I am hosting a "houseparty" to share the fun with 15 lucky boys and girls.  I would love to offer 2 of the coveted spots to a lucky blog reader.  The "houseparty" will not be at my house.  As of now I am thinking a local church or fire station.  I will post specific details of time and date before Saturday.

What will happen at the party?
  • I will have 2 brand new habitats- roughly enough play scape to cover 200 sq ft.  Lots of tubes, rooms, bells and whistles. 
  • 35 hexbug nanos- new in their tubes. 
  • Games and prizes
  • Themed lunch and snacks
What will each child leave with?
  • 2 Brand New Hexbug Nanos, crafts created at the party, special offer codes, and promotional items, and pack of hexbug food (aka batteries). MSRP is about $30 per child.
  • As a group we will create a "service project".  A get well package for a child in need to be shipped off after the party.
  • A full belly & loads of fun memories.
On Wednesday September 8th at noon I will select a winner.  The winner will be able to bring 2 children age 3-10 to the event.  The winner will be required to fill out a release to allow the winner's children to appear in photos on the blog. 

How to enter:
1.  Leave a comment to tell who you would bring if you win.


Steve Pierce said...

I would bring my 2 older awesome children ages 9 and 7. I think they would have fun.

mbtetreault said...

I'd bring my boys Alex 8 and Jacob 6 I think they would have a blast:)



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