Friday, September 3, 2010

Review of IPhone Baby Einstein Application

My Baby Einstein is an app that allows you to share the arts and humanities with your baby using video, books, music, and discovery cards. Also, new content is always available so My Baby Einstein stays fresh and exciting all the time.  Emma turned 4 in august and although she was not very interested in other baby Einstein products, she des enjoy playing with this ap.  She is easily entertained during long wait times and enjoys the programming that this ap provides.

Whether you are looking for a perfect infant entertaining app on-the-go for your little one to enjoy, or want to send as a gift (through iTunes gifting options) to a parent you just know would appreciate the thought, Baby Einstein’s iPhone app stands apart due to creativity, imagery and fun! It’s everything you love about Baby Einstein and more to take with your baby while on the go.
Features include:

■VIDEO to play the famous Baby Einstein movies on your iPhone® for you and baby to view together.

■DISCOVERY CARDS provide real world images of art, nature, animals, real world objects, and more to engage baby while in line or at the park.

■MEMORY BOOK to record events as they happen or later with audio, video and still images you can mark any event in a special way.

Link to the app:

I was provided with a free download to try the ap for free.  My opinions and words are my own.

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