Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rite Aid Super Deals (Think Christmas!)

The deals at Rite Aid continue to get better by the day.  Today's Rite Aid Shopping destination was the Plattsburgh Skyway Plaza location. 

The Highlights:
All Summer Toys and Outdoor stuff on clearance for 50-75% off.
In the Fall Decor Isle there is a display of lunch boxes, but here is the scoop;
  • Theses: Care Bears, Bob The Builder, Thomas and a few others
  • Reg. Price $19.99
  • Sale price $9.98 (50% off)
  • Each Lunchbox comes stuffed with 3 DVDs (same theme as lunchbox)
  • Buy 2 and Get a $5 Up Reward.
Here's the best Deal
  • Buy 2 themed lunch boxes @ $19.99
  • Buy a 25c pack of Gum
  • Use your $4 off a $20 Adperks coupon
  • Pay about $16 out of pocket.
  • Get back a $5 Up Reward
  • You will have 2 super cute lunchboxes a pack of gum and 6 DVD movies that little ones will love.  I think splitting it all apart would be great. 
  • Turn the lunchbox into an arts and crafts bag
  • Divide The Movies into multiple gifts.
  • Effective Price Per Item $1.22 per item
There are lots of summer toys and Toy Story 3 Toys on clearance as well.  Happy Shopping

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