Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Sparks To Brighten Your Holiday Cards This Year

I always remember to create fun and festive holiday cards but last year in the hustle and bustle I packed away a box of stamped and addressed Christmas cards when we started decorating for the holiday.  This year I am going to be ahead of the game.  Here are some ideas on how to rescue old cards and some new ideas to inspire your holiday greeting projects.

Find A Box Of Cards You Forgot To Mail Last Year?
I can't be the only one.  What to do? I am not throwing them out.  Festive photo labels with new pictures and a poem about my absent mindedness will be slapped over the festive seal on the back of all the envelopes.  Voila- 2 years worth of updates in one.  And I won't even have to buy stamps.  A huge "I'm Sorry, but  forgot EVERYONE" to everyone that did not get a holiday card from us last year.

Do you have a pre-schooler that is learning a new skill?
Cutting, pasting, writing, drawing- put your little helpers to work.  I took advantage of a neat freebie yesterday.  A free (no S&H or tax) 50 pack of origami paper.  CLICK HERE to check it out (you do not want to sign up for the orange cleaner bonus- just the paper!) here. These little squares can be turned into snowflakes, bookmarks, and lovely warm fuzzies from your little one to all of the loved ones on your holiday card list.

Create a Themed Photo Card and Family Newsletter.
If you from dysfunction junction (my hand is raised high), pay homage to your crazy family- embrace what you have.  A train theme would be nice.  Kids swinging from the rafters? A Barrel of Monkeys theme would be fun.  Turn lemons into lemonade! Celebrate the out of ordinary and the oddities that make your family unique. 

Did you go on an exciting beach vacation? Have any left over sand?
This idea would drive my mother nuts.  Let the kids go crazy with glue and sand on the front of a folded stationary card.  Include a vacation family photo and some glitter to add a little magic to the dirt. Smile as you mail them out imagining all of the relatives you will drive insane.  Imagine sand and glitter mess- they expect the glitter, but the sand will add texture and a whole new dimension. Just don't do it with sand from Hawaii- unless you plan on flying everyone and every speck of sand back to cleanse the bad luck spell that will besiege you.

Have a New Recipe To Share?
This year the jam and jelly is particularly good around here.  I have a mounting stack of Emma photos- Child covered in jam; mashing berries, stuffing them in her mouth.  If I didn't already have cards I would totally make a collage of my jam covered child and send it off with a recipe.

I hope you have found my ideas a bit refreshing.  This little post was inspired by the fine folks at Purpletrail.

They have tons of great ideas for livening up your holiday card. 
Be sure to check out PurpleTrail’s personalized holiday cards for inspiration. With their tools you can incorporate photos as well as holiday card and images and can personalize these cards using the PurpleTrail design center to make them look exactly how you want them to. CLICK HERE to check out their holiday card design tools.

As my medical leave pushes into week #2 I am finding my days focused on one thing- winning contests.  Thanks to the folks over a Purple Trail my creativity is renewed and this post was inspired by the possibility that I might win a gift card.  No guarantees but worth the chance.  By posting about creative ways to jazz up holiday greetings I am participating in a giveaway for and I am eligible for a PurpleTrail gift code. Feel free to take advantage of this offer if you have a blog as well.  The more creative ideas, the better.  Contest details are available HERE.
 I am really impressed with how easy the Purple Trail system is to use.  I made this card in about 2 minutes.  I love their digial special effects and creativity tools.  Have fun with this one- it is addictive!
Checkout the full version with effects here.


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Enjoyed your ideas - and I really like your "voice!" I hope your medical issues are resolved soon. Merry (early) Christmas to you and your family!

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I'm an new follower! Thanks for visiting my blog.



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