Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh- Laughter is Killing Me- Literally tonight.

The folks at Mom magazine sent me another wonderful blogger bag of goodies.  Now picture this- I am recovering from this lovely little hysterectomy.  My husband thought I would love a good box of blogger fun to cheer me up.  It worked but imagine the confused look on the nursing staff's face then they walk in to see me looking at hats, and booties and gadgets and gizmo's.  I will share a bunch of them as blog give aways and will pass a bunch to Mindy- my wonderful dietary friend who scored me the Cheese Pizza.  I will organize some fun to give away this week.  Highlights? Hmm Where to start??
  • Organic Roasted Banana's and Mango Stage 2 Baby Food
  • Belly B Toes To Tummy Lotion
  • HE laundry Drops
Does anyone have interest in Flip Over cloth diapering products? Those days are over here and if I could stop laughing long enough to let the pain subside I might take a picture of the hilarity that must meet visitors to my room.  I'm kind of expecting a crew from MHU to come pay me a visit.  Rest assured- the free fun will find good homes, but not at my house.

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