Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reviewing the new Price Chopper Corporate Coupon Policy.

Change always leads to confusion.  I think it is important to educate cashiers and store employees in a friendly manner with a smile.  The new Price Chopper coupon policy contains many changes.  Price Chopper reviews new things with employees, but how motivated would you be at the age of 18 to pay attention to a coupon talk? If I was making under $8 an hour I know I would let the info go in one ear and out the other.  I recommend printing a copy of the policy to keep with you.  I have also have an additional copy of the policy and a highlighter with me.  If I run into a problem I highlight the section of the policy that is violated and review it with the cashier team leader, and manager to assure that they are following the policy and know where the customer service break down is.  I am always nice and in general they are too. 

CLICK HERE to get your own copy. 

Now Lets look at the policy and hen pick it apart!!!!  :)

Manufacturer Coupon Acceptance

  • The AdvantEdge card must be scanned prior to coupon deductions
  • Only one manufacturer's coupon may be used on an item purchased, not to exceed the retail price after AdvantEdge discounts. Price Chopper accepts one manufacturer and one Price Chopper coupon for the same item (unless prohibited).
  • We will accept only one (1) manufacturer coupon for an advertised Buy one, Get one Free Offer. We will not accept a manufacturer's coupon for the product that is received free as part of a Buy one, Get one Free Offer.
  • Free items, Buy one, Get one offer, mail- in certificates and unspecified items will be redeemed at face value or free value only.
  • Refunds and rebate checks will be cashed at the Customer Service desk and deposited.
  • Coupons for cigarettes, tobacco, milk and alcoholic beverages can not be doubled.
  • Under Criminal State Laws, we are required to comply with all manufacturers' coupons requirement. Any other use constitutes fraud.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any coupon.
The big change here is the rule that you cannot use manufacturer coupons on the free items in a BOGO or B1G2 offers.  You can still use a coupon on the item needed to get the free items.  That includes using coupons for FREE items. (IE; I have a coupon for an $8 Perdue Chicken item.  They are BOGO.  I will get them both free).  When it comes to using $1/2 items they are still taking those and doubling them.

Special Coupon Offers (Double and/or Triple Coupons)

  • Some Price Chopper stores double coupons and some do not. Depending on the store you shop, we may double up to 4 manufacturer coupons of like items.
** There is a selection tool in the online policy** Choose your store location to see their specific policy.
The Plattsburgh NY store doubles all coupons with a $1 face value or less.
  • Total double or triple value of a coupon may not exceed the items' retail price after AdvantEdge discounts. (you can have it FREE, but don't expect them to give you $$ back)
  • The total of all double coupons cannot exceed 50% of the order after AdvantEdge discounts. Single value will be deducted there after. (There is a science to this and it can be played with.  I go into great detail on how to use this to your advantage at my coupon clipping parties)
  • Triple coupons cannot exceed the retail price of the item or the total of the order after AdvantEdge discounts.
    The big change here is that Price Chopper Corporate is now saying that every store can decide if they will double/triple coupons.  Price Chopper in Malone and Plattsburgh double all coupons with a face value of $1 or less.  All stores that double coupons must now allow a customer to redeem 4 same offers in a transaction.  There has always been confusion here.  Some cashiers would say 2, most of the time 4 in Malone.  If you have 4 $1 coupons for pickles they must double all 4 of the coupons. In the past they would double 2 but then would only allow coupon face value for quantities over 2.  **Make sure to bring a copy of this policy)** There are some slower learners in the Plattsburgh store but they have been more than happy to comply with friendly and cheerful teaching.
Internet Coupon Acceptance

  • We accept valid Internet coupons up to face value of $5. This includes Free offers and Buy one Get one free offers.
  • ***This is huge.  They were not taking "free" item printables, but they are now.  The coupons need to be legit and meet all requirements, but they are not flatly refusing them**
Competitor Coupon Acceptance
  • We accept our competitors' coupons based on marketing area.
  • We accept competitors' coupons for cents off, dollars off an order and percentage off an order.
  • They may not be combined with Price Chopper Store coupons or Manufacturer coupons on the same product purchase.
This looks good in theory, but since you cannot use coupons with price adjustment there is little motivation to go through the trouble.  If you can score a %age off total order this may be good for loss leaders or items that never go on sale. ( Fillet Mignon and Lobster Tails come to mind).

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