Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bird or Beef??

Is anyone else having a stroke over the price of FROZEN Turkey?  I am not paying $1.89 for something filled with bones and stuffed with gizzards and innards.  Where are the 29c a pound turkeys?  There are Butterball coupons HERE, but I just can't stand the thought of shelling out over $20 for Turkey.  Walmart birds with up to 40% salt solution are not an option either. 

Turkey Facts To Consider:
  • Buy a bird big enough to allow for a pound and a half per person.
  • If you want leftovers, buy one 2-3 pounds bigger.
  • The carcass does weigh a decent amount, also the neck and giblets that are included can potentially weigh a good amount too. Say for example, in a 30 pound bird, the neck weighs a good 2 pounds right there! Yes THE NECK! (Would you pay $4 for a Turkey neck?)
  • The fine folks over at have all sorts of Turkey categories (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holiday), but they are missing a category for CHEAP Turkey.
  • Please share any deals you find.  At this rate Randy will be getting a pile of the 49c/lb Corned Beef I filled the freezer with on the day after St. Patrick's Day.  (There is a "deal" at Yando's- buy $150 in groceries, get a FREE turkey.  If you are tempted, take your $150 and run to any other grocery store.  I guarantee you can buy your turkey and double the amount of groceries!)

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