Monday, November 8, 2010

Borders Gift Card Buying Bonus- and Gift Card Deals in General

It is time to plan for holiday purchases, if you have not already.  I start in January, so I am working to finish holiday shopping as rapidly as I can.  My goal this week is to finish purchasing holiday gift cards with Mypoints, Charter Cable Rewards points, and Swagbucks.  I already have a stockpile going and I plan on adding to that stockpile for no additional $$ out of pocket.
My Points is a great way to earn rewards points.  I just earned a pile of them by completing a car insurance quote offer.  I really didn't think anyone could save me much, but we're back with Geico (and are saving $90 every 6 months).  I earned enough points to score about $100 worth of gift cards.  Take these 2 factors and that equals out to be buy 6 months of car insurance get 6 months for free when all is said and done.  Was it worth having my email and phone flooded with calls and emails from insurance agents across the state? Yes it was.  My reward points were well worth it! 
I never bought into the whole Swagbucks search engine concept until last week.  I earned a $5 Amazon gift card for just doing my regular, run of the mill Google searches with their tool bar.  Not a bad return for something I am doing anyway. 

If you live in the Champlain Valley, chances are high that you have Charter Cable.  Are you taking advantage of the "Live It With Charter" rewards program?  It is FREE and I have cashed in on piles of gift cards this year.  There is a reward/redemption period starting at 2pm EST Tomorrow (11/9/10).  They will have Toys R Us gift cards and the theme is holiday gifts for kids.  How appropriate! 

Today's Gift Card Deal of The Day:  If you have to pay OOP, you might as well get a deal!
Right now you can get a FREE $10 Borders Gift Cards when you buy a $50 Borders giftcard or (2) $25 Borders giftcards. You have to get the regular Signature card, but at least there is a bonus!

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