Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Change, 99 Balloons, and The First of Several Good Causes of The Season

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A few years ago I happened upon the Mooney Family blog and the story of Baby Eliot.  The story of this family will make you cry.  I think they are an inspiration and seeing this video makes me count my blessings. You can learn all about the Mooney's at 99 Balloons or their Family Blog HERE.
99 Balloons from Igniter Media on Vimeo.

The Mooney's recently blogged about "Christmas Change".  What is the purpose behind Christmas Change?
  • "This year at Christmas Change, we will be encouraging you and keeping you accountable to spending less, so you can give more, but we are shifting away from that being our #1 goal here. Christmas presents are beside the point."
  • "This year, we’re focusing on everyday-living that abides, on the moment-to-moment Life of Return to God. Christmas time is only a start. What does it mean to Return to God now – for this moment, this season, this entire year?"
I can think of many wonderful causes to contribute to during the holiday season.  In case you need inspiration and a cause to support, I will be sharing some of my personal favorites. Let the story of Eliot inspire you to Change the world! The small things you do for other people can change their lives in ways we may never know.

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