Saturday, November 27, 2010


Groupon goes great with morning coffee!  I have taken advantage of a few national deals and have purchased location based deals for friends and family that live in other parts of the country.  Joining is FREE.  CLICK HERE to sign up and create a new account.  If you decide to eventually buy in on a groupon, I will earn a nice bonus :) Thanks in Advance.  Today they are offering a FREE Groupon credit! That’s FREE MONEY to spend at Groupon! Use code SLICKSAT for a FREE groupon credit to use on anything on the site! I only earned $1, but $1 is $1 and I will take it!  I would love it if one lucky Cadyville Coupon Clipper Fan/Follower scored a mega credit ($50, $100 $500).  Please let us know if you hit the Jackpot!.  Simply sign up or sign in to your account.  Go to My Stuff, My Account, Redeem a Gift Card.  Enter SLICKSAT and watch your credit total grow!

How good is groupon? AMAZING!  A few weeks ago some folks in Arizona were peeved over a groupon deal that they felt was a scam.  The company was not honoring the groupons as advertised.  Groupon refunded EVERYONE their $$ on the spot.  If for any reason you buy a Groupon and want out, they refund with no questions asked. 

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