Monday, November 29, 2010

Hallmark Crazy Coupon- Verified !

CLICK HERE for a great $10 off a $10 purchase to use at Hallmark.  This looked to good to be true, but after 20 mins on hold with national customer service I can say with certainly that it is real.  This PDF will not be posted for long, so print now!  The coupon does not say "limited" to one per person or per house hold, but I think 1 coupon per person per day is the best way to ensure that you are greeted with smiles at checkout.
(I printed 15 copies- if the link comes down before you can print, I will gladly share)


denise said...

I just heard about this today and wanted to get a 1st christmas ornament for my son... do you still have any coupons to share>?

Cadyville Coupon Clipper said...

Hi Denise- I printed a pile of them when they came back out yesterday. email me at and I can mail one to you.



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